Unredacted State Department Cables

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    [h=1]U.S. Sources Exposed as Unredacted State Department Cables Are Unleashed Online[/h]An encrypted WikiLeaks file containing 251,000 unredacted U.S. State Department cables is now widely available online, along with the passphrase to open it.
    The release of the documents in raw form, including the names of U.S. informants around the globe, has raised concerns that dozens of people could now be in danger.
    The 1.73-GB file and passphrase were published Thursday on Cryptome, a competing secret-spilling site, after news broke over the last week that the file had been circulating on the internet unnoticed for several months.
    Wired.com’s keyword search of the file shows that the uncensored cables contain more than 2,000 occurrences of the phrase “strictly protect”, which is used in cables to denote sources of information whose identities diplomats consider confidential.

    WikiLeaks said in a statement that it “advanced its regular publication schedule, to get as much of the material as possible into the hands of journalists and human rights lawyers who need it,” before information about the file and passphrase was widely published and repressive regimes sifted through the cables.
    WikiLeaks has been soliciting votes from the public on whether people agree or disagree that all 250,000 of the cables should be released in raw, unredacted form.

    The popular vote favors release, and WikiLeaks has hinted on Twitter its intention to publish.
    But this time third parties have overtaken the secret-spilling site, and the file is already easily found elsewhere.