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  1. LeddySS98

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    when your making a stop and they happen to have something going out, or someone off the street hands you a package...I was originally instructed/told that it was an Unscheduled stop... (Non ARS/RS packages)

    The ARS and RS they get sheeted under PPD... but what about the packages with the little internet package symbol in the bottom right corner... do you sheet those like a ARS pickup... or do you do an unscheduled, type in the shippers 6 digit account, and go from there?
  2. scratch

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    This sounds like a one time pickup to me. If it is an Air package, then I would record as an OCA.
  3. DS

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    Its still an unscheduled pick up,nobody called it in ,and well,it was not scheduled.Type in the shipper# and scan it,since it was done online its now up to the billing department to spring into action.
  4. tourists24

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    What is PPD? I always sheet everything not scheduled or called in as an unscheduled pickup
  5. Cementups

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    PPD = prepaid, such s RS or ARS packages.

    Packages with the internet package symbol on them are to be sheeted as unschedued.
  6. LeddySS98

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    PPD, I think it stands for pre paid... anyway I know you scan the ARS's and the RS's there, but I was curious about the internet packages.

    At the UPS store, when i'm doing my pickup I scan all of the internet packages along with the ARS/RS packages... but i was was wanting to know with the internet packages if it was'nt a scheduled stop.
  7. mgator39

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    Is there a charge to the customer for a unscheduled pickup?
  8. filthpig

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    I use this trick to gain time. If you have several pickups who do not ship much, scan your ARS packages on these pickups. This way you gain time for actually picking something up there.
  9. Griff

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    Why exactly do you care about gaining time?
  10. brownmonster

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    There is a reason it was changed from ARS to PPD in the special screen. Any pkg prepaid such as ASD, Internet shipper, RS etc goes in this field. If the shipper gets charged back for an On Call or unscheduled pickup when they used prepaid services to avoid that charge do you think that's fair to them? It take 5 seconds to scan it in.
  11. filthpig

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    Less headaches.
  12. local804

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    Is not a 1x pickup and no way in hell an oca stop. We do not take credit for these as stops. The diad has its own screen where we can enter this information into it.
    Internet shipping packages are NOT to be sheeted as un scheduled pickups.
    We went through this a few years back and UPS made it perfectly clear how we are able to sheet the packages. Ask your boss in a pcm what he want you to do so when the shtt starts running down hill, you atleast have 70 other people that heard the same thing.
  13. local804

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    correct answer.

    VSC was one of the big shippers that was getting raped with double pickup charges and was going to pull their account if the problem wasnt fixed. I am amazed that in this day and age, we still do not know how to sheet packages correctly.
  14. local804

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    This tactic will get you a nice meeting with your BA and the labor relations manager if thats what you like.
  15. brownmonster

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    Mgmnt looks the other way because the bigger you make your day look the better they look. Every level in this company is trying to make itself look better to the level above and the customer is the one left out in the cold.
  16. brownmonster

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    I can have days where I pick up 30 or 40 prepaids. You get the same credit as any other pickup piece.
  17. I just put ARS pkgs in the load without scanning, unless they are associated with a scheduled stop. It's not worth the interpretive headache for doing it wrong.

    You see, if you take the time to scan it in under the PPD in SPECIAL COUNTS......and check your summary under pieces picked up, you won't see a change.

    Don't believe me, check it. Before scanning the ARS under special counts PPD, look at your total pieces picked up. Then perform the PPD operation and check your total again. NO CHANGE.

    That's why I just pick em up with a smile and put in the load and forget about em.
  18. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Do you know for sure you don't get credit or are you just robbing yourself of time and doing the job not as instructed. Did you consider the fact that there might be a reason to scan these packages. Does it affect tracking? Billing?
  19. It will get scanned at the bldg just like all the other pkgs are, and billing will follow

    Ever track a pkg.......it gets scanned many times along its journey.

    All I know, these pkgs are not reflected in my pick up pieces. Check it next time.
  20. Leftinbuilding

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    This gives a distorted picture of that accounts overall picture. But then, somehow I don't believe that overly concerns you. Do you ever complain about mgmnt "fudging numbers"? No difference.