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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Jaxon412, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Jaxon412

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    So, I had an interview last Friday, offered the job as a package handler blah, blah, blah.

    Anyways, during the interview I was told to come in for orientation Monday night (tonight 10/21). I have not been informed that my background check is cleared and it is suddenly impossible to hear from anyone.

    I do have a felony from 6 years ago.

    Any suggestions? Should I still arrive for the orientation tonight even though I am not sure if my background has been cleared?

    Thanks for anyone's time!

    P.S. I'm looking for serious suggestions. Please no smart aleck responses.
  2. BadIdeaGuy

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    It was always my understanding that we did not hire felons. That may or may not be the case anymore.

    Probably might have been something to mention, however awkward of a topic. That way you wouldn't be wasting anyones' time.

    That said, if they scheduled you, I'd show up as reported.
  3. Jaxon412

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    Thank you. I was considering going, but just had the fear of making a fool of myself by not passing the background (without knowing for sure) and still showing up.

    Also, I did let the interviewer know of the felony and a brief back story, but afterwards is when he gave me the date for orientation.
  4. Yeet

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    Show up for orientation. If they don’t like your background, you might not get the job. If you don’t show up, you definitely won’t get the job.
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  5. Yolo

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    If they told you to come in then you should come in.
  6. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    Show up.
    You need a job
    We need workers
  7. Shift Inhibit

    Shift Inhibit He who laughs last didn't get it.

    Without a doubt You’ll be hired. We hire felons this time of year. They hired people from the local work house last peak (not joking).
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  8. Mycow

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    I went to air school while still on probation i asked our hr he told me it matters what type of felony you have
  9. scooby0048

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    We have 3 other "I have a felony will I get hired?" threads going right now. Just like we tell the other 2, whats the felony for that way we can tell you if you will be hired. No matter what, though still go to the interview.
  10. burrheadd

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    what’d ya do
  11. Staydryitsraining

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    If you are somewhere the job market isnt that good meaning alot of people are trying to work at ups it will kill your chances. Your being hired for peak season though so I'd be willing to bet it wont matter and your fine. Unless your felony is harming something or someone.
  12. Air Recovery

    Air Recovery Active Member

    I have worked along side people who did 25 years in prison for murder.

    You will be ok.
  13. trailer loader

    trailer loader Trailer Loader

    this time of year, your past doesnt mean :censored2:! show up and you will be hired
  14. PT Stewie

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    Breathing and walking upright are about all that is required.