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    If you want to know what this is about it is about my wrist injury. I went to a doctor (again) and my boss said that she can't have people put on restriction (she needs people that can bag and sort). She said that it is small sorts rules that people can't be given restriction. Has anyone else in small sort in another area heard about this? Also, there are other people who are only allowed to rack bags in small sort or get bags out of trucks that are given this treatment? I am going to the doctor today but I feel lie either way I lose (miss work and pay or lie, admit that I was over-exaggerating and look dumb).

    Thanks for the help,
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    That would be news to me. Smalls sort is usually how I can get guys in the door if they're hurting.
    Get your name off of here. Trust me on this.
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    There is no such "rule". SS is often the best place to assign TAW's in hub operations, depending on the restrictions. You need to have your restrictions articulated in writing by a licensed physician, preferably on your state's workmans compensation form. Take that to the manager, not your supervisor.
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    As was stated above, smalls sort is the easiest place to put anyone on TAW.
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    You were injured outside of work. If you cannot do the job assigned because of your injury, and/or cannot produce a dr note clearing you for full duty....you do not work. Go out on STD until you can return to full duty. When I had stitches in my hand....they would not allow me to return to work until my doctor cleared me to return to full duty (loading PC's). You are not entitled to TAW for injuries outside of work. Yes, sometimes management will work out a deal with you to perform light duty, but that's at management's discretion. It is not something you are entitled to.
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    Chub chaser? Google it.
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    Wrist injury? Palms aren't hairy, are they?
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    I have a wrist injury too. Outside of work. They always send you to file disability for out of work problems.