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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rngri4swife, Jan 30, 2007.

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    Just wanted to give everyone an update and let them know that my husband is ok in Iraq, he flew back over, and after a stopover in Germany, he has been doing quite well. He sent his first email tonight, his team lost a member, and he was pretty upset, and very unstable, but this is something he has faced before, and will carry on, I hope. Anyway, he is doing ok I guess, just taking this loss hard, and trying to move on, it was someone he had known for some time again. People, in his email he said this, "Whatever your position is on the war, I don't care, but we are losing people here, and unless we attack and disarm our enemies; we will lose." I will close on that note, our son in screaming, and our daughter is yelling, I hope that everyone here appreciates the sacrafices not only our soldiers make, but their wives as well...end of my political statement...lol.
  2. canon

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    Thanks to you both.
  3. satellitedriver

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    Ditto from me
  4. rushfan

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    God bless you, your children, and your husband.
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    Hope all is well. Take care. Clean it up for me as I will be headed back sometime in September...
  6. retired2000

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    from one gulf vet to another ,come back safe and sound. the sooner the better
  7. rngri4swife

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    My husband called tonight, just wanted to let everyone know, that he is doing a little better, just trying to choke down an MRE when I talked to him on a satelite (sp?) phone. They are still doing an ongoing offensive, and that scares the heck out of me. Anyway, I think it was about 4 or so in the morning when he called and he has went without sleep for about 3 days or so now, so hopefully, they will get relief here soon, and he can come back to his home base, for a day of sleep or so. Anyway, gotta run, kids are asleep but their dishes etc need cleaned, and I have to work tomorrow. To everyone at UPS, our driver stopped by today, and moaned and complained, because his dispatch has been screwed up since he left, the trace was redone, from the right way my husband had it, to supposedly "the way it should be" and over 3/4 of the drivers in the center have been over 9.5 since...sort of laughed to myself on that one, but once again, the Drivers will always be the ones to suffer.
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    The next time you communicate with your husband please tell him that there are many of us here that have him in our prayers and that we are thankful for him and all our servicemen and women there. In my humble opinion, they can not be told that enough..

  9. rngri4swife

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    Thanks to everyone for the nice replies....it is heartwarming to all of us here. We are staying with my husbands parents, which is sort of nice right now, our house, which we own, is fine, but it is always nice to be with family, and I willl probably stay with them until my husband returns. Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers, I have not gotten an email from my husband for a couple of days now, and am still waiting.......either for the email, or the knock on the door.....which actually scared me today, because I got the knock on the door....but it was only the DHL man, delivering business checks. Anyway, thanks again, regardless of your opinions for your support of my husband, he has gone through a lot the past week or so, and we are constantly praying for him here, and I thank everyone who does the same. We have two kids, and I just want him to return home safe, with our child, and his adopted child (mine from a first marriage)
  10. rngri4swife

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    Just wanted to let everyone know, I finally talked to my husband tonight for the first time in two weeks tonight, he is doing fine for the most part, just hanging in there, they have been launching assaults for the past month or so where he is in country, so our communication has been sparse, and at times, it has been very hard on me. He is doing ok, he sprained his ankle last week he said, but it has healed. He just wanted to let everyone at brown cafe know he was ok, and is hanging in there, living off nasty mre's. Anyway, sorry so long for the update, but running the house, and having the computer in the shop for about three weeks didn't help matters. Anyway, thanks for the all the support from everyone here.
  11. canon

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    It's good to hear he's ok. As for the MRE's... they're better than they used to be. Now some of them even have M&M's or pound cake. It used to be the cherry loaf cake or maple nut cake or ranger cookie (coffee creamer, sugar mixed together then heated with a lighter in the creamer packet).

    I might have to get a hold of one now just for old times sake.:laugh:
  12. rushfan

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    And if you are on night patrol, you put the Tabasco sauce in your eyes to stay alert...no joke, my brother does it.
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    You are kidding me!!!???!!!!!!!
  14. rngri4swife

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    He is not joking on that one, pretty common thing in the field, burns like hell my husband said, but it does work.