update: we were all just let go

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    Might want to read your supplemental layoff language.

    In the Central Region, you have the option to bump inside to avoid layoff....

    it's not a requirement.

    Section 6

    "Laid-off, full-time seniority employees, in the order of their seniority, may elect to take the work of one (1) or two (2) part-time employees, for the duration of the layoff, provided they have more total Company seniority."

    "If a laid-off, full-time employee elects to take a layoff rather than exercise his/her right to displace a part-time employee, he/she shall be considered a laid-off employee for lack of work for the purpose of unemployment compensation."


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    Been there and done that. Now have grandchildren.
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    So you're telling me they can keep track of something that is to their advantage but can't keep track of something that will cost them money.
    How surprising.
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  4. Harley Rider

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    I was hired off the street in 1984. Went straight to driving full time and never looked back. At that time in our supplement, there were five hired off the street before one was promoted from part time.

    We are now at a 6:1 ratio with part time going full time like others have said. The last few outside hires we had went to OMS workers instead of off the street people or rehiring temporary Christmas help.
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    Hey you learned a lesson though. A seasonal job is only for a season.
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    If you have 22.4's in your center, there are no more outside hires for RPCD's.
  7. AwashBwashCwash

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    What kind of screw-job supplement is that?
  8. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 34 yrs & done!

    Just the way it was back then. There were also a lot more people hired in early eighties though. UPS only started here in 1971 so growth was pretty solid.
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    I thought you were a Feeder Driver?

    Why would the Center Manager be the only one that knew you retired?
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    i was hired off the street also in 1993. first for peak and then 5 months after peak called back to work full time after they fired a couple drivers for altering time cards back when we were on paper.

    it was 5;1 at our hub but the company never adhered to it. i don't remember the union ever caring either.

    had a 77 harley for years. put about 70k on it. trips to daytona, canada and mexico. final accident sidelined me.
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    Oh golly, stop picking on her. We all know she bumped her head falling off the pole and can't remember which lies she told.
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    I also was hired off the street in 81. worked peak, was laid off, called back Sept of 82 and never looked back. I don't remember too much talk of p/ter's getting on a list back then, I just knew that I had my foot in the door and made the most of it.
    Then slowly long term part timers would slowly make their way into Package Cars
  15. Methods Man

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    Honestly being a 22.4 with low seniority doesn’t sound like a horrible idea while starting out. Being a RPCD when starting I was often laid off and had to bump into the sorts to get my 8hrs which I didn’t mind, however you get payed about $6 less an hour while bumping in here. From my understanding 22.4’s get paid the same no matter what they’re doing.

    Now if your a 22.4 and driving everyday, that would suck.
  16. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    I wish I could collect unenjoyment.
  18. What do you think they are going to use the 22.4 drivers for?
  19. Delivery!!!

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    There is a carrot for everyone. Yours was a guaranteed shot at driving when your turn came up. My carrot and everyone else that came off the street after being a seasonal was the slim to none chance of getting to drive. With no carrot would people really sling boxes for years or bust their ass for 6 weeks at a seasonal job.
  20. UPS should recruit 100% from their part-time ranks. And when the supply falls short of the demand, they should recruit from neighboring hubs. And when that doesn't get it done, they should offer nation-wide transfers to part-time employees.

    Anyone who hasn't worked part-time before wearing browns can kiss it.

    Except Veterans. They can have whatever position they want.