UPS’s New Contract With Teamsters Removes Strike Threat

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    UPS’s New Contract With Teamsters Removes Strike Threat - Bloomberg

    The accord includes “substantial” pay raises, higher wages for new part-time employees and the creation of 2,000 more full-time jobs from the ranks of part-timers, the union said yesterday in an e-mailed statement. The agreement will go to a ratification vote among rank-and-file drivers, package sorters and clerks at the world’s largest package-delivery company and will take effect on Aug. 1.

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and the Teamsters union agreed to a new five-year contract covering 250,000 employees, erasing the risk of losing some business even with only the threat of a strike.

    The contract preserves health-care benefits and boosts pension contributions, making it a win for UPS Teamsters “at a time when workers and their pay, benefits and working conditions are under attack by corporate America,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said in the statement.
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    Does anyone else think it's weird they didn't add "if it gets a yes vote"?

    They're feeling very confident.
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    If you're the guy counting the ballots it doesn't matter which way a ballot is marked.
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    The workers still have to vote to rafity it & i'm sure UPS management & the Union will do a sales job in trying to get the yes vote.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    Remember, you are Union employees.
    You blindly do whatever the Union leadership directs.
    Look at all the stewards on here.

    Just saying how it looks.
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    Well Teamster Koolaid or Cheerleading Uniforms for me.... The IBT and the Press are amazing in making this a sound like a "done deal".

    Considering that the Teamster press release did not mention anything about retiree healthcare, harassment, Surepost, and a few other important items.....I personally am very skeptical about this contract. Obviously the IBT had nothing to boast about on these issues. I'm also extremely skeptical about our healthcare being transferred to Central States. Overall Hoaxster.....all things considered, you know as well as I do that our IBT is simply hanging on from contract to contract with "hidden" concessions in one form or another. Steward yes....cheerleader....never....
  7. Monkey Butt

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    I guess it looks different Inside UPS.
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    The strike threat has not been removed just yet. This is just another sign of how horrible some of the news services can be.
    Several stories are saying this, with obvious assumptions being made. This is a proposal at best; it can be accepted or rejected by the membership. There's no assuming or crystal ball reading; it's really very simple math here: The members have the final say. I'm not so sure that this is a "slam dunk."
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    i love tdu!
  10. safetyzone4u

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    Well, with record profits and a CEO making 8.9 million= we make 1% of that.
    If I see any give backs or concessions I will simply vote NO!
    Thank goodness for TDU to count votes and be the check and balance the IBT needs.
    Forgot to mention. If there is not 9.5 for ALL and better language for management harassment plus Technology protection I AM A NO VOTE!
  11. safetyzone4u

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  12. UPSGUY72

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    Some people vote NO every contract no matter what.... They are negative people UPS could agree to all there demands and they still vote no because they would think there is a conspiracy somehow. These people are a lot of the same people that are always in the office with a steward in the morning over stupid crap..
  13. safetyzone4u

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    Yea right! Keep running, Then you'll walk, and you will eventually crawl out to retirement. I'm a shop steward and would vote yes if there were no concessions. Well, I just got some more info, 4 years to top out! 10 dollars for part timers. By 2018 that will be minimum wage. The conspiracy is how can we get people to sound like management and just vote yes on our 1st offer because we may loose millions of dollars for our 12 board members in atlanta. lol

    VOTE NO!
  14. Junkguy

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    The union has known for years that the rank and file will not vote a contract down. The majority are too scared and too far in debt. This is why they are so determined to not allow a vote until they want a yes vote. Face it, most members won't even bother to go to a union meeting, they have no idea who is to thank for their wages and benefits. They will vote for anything UPS tells them to and as a general rule the farther south you go the more true it is.
  15. safetyzone4u

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    Well, lets all vote no and see what happens. Lets pull a Mel Gibson Brave Heart!
    Put the fear in the establishments BROWN DEVIL!
    This country was founded on those who opposed The King!
    As we make the profits rise, let us forget our debt that is only in your mind.:angry:
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    Do not know it to be true, but! I read "The 30-year pension in the IBT-UPS plan will reportedly go to $3,200/month in 2014, with a second increase to $3,400/month". Is this an increase, or a decrease? My 30 year is estimated at about $4000, according to the southwestern. Increase or decrease?
  17. Elvis657

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    the fact that Hoffa is not gloating about "gains" tells me all I need to know. Another concessionary giveback contract. Can't wait to see the "fine print"!! bastards!!
  18. WhatsAloadstand

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    so new part timers will be making as much as if not more than me with my measly year seniority?
  19. Asskicker

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    I know some of you hate TDU but I'm waiting for the actual contract to be posted. It will show what was scratched out, what was added, etc... You are right that I haven't heard anything about surepost or harassment issues. And Central States anything to me is a swear word. They bankrupt their pension and now UPS wants to move us into their healthcare plan. Really??? Beware people.
  20. smart girl

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    This pension calculation was for central states because they lost so much with the buyout. Now our brothers and sisters will be like us and have some better pension and health care. After all we are Union .