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    Heard an interesting story while talking to a clerk in the safety dept. today. Don't know how true it is as it is 3rd hand. Seems the mail carrier came into their office and started giving them a hard time about UPS not being able to handle it's own 2da deliveries. He said they were told that they would be delivering it in residential areas. This is NOT a rural area and 2da sure isn't part of the basic service. This story could be and probably is bogus because I don't think UPS is that stupid. If any of you know mailmen on your routes you might ask them if they have heard this.
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    We have just had the "new nightmare" service start in our center.
    UPS has decided that deliveries within 3 miles of our building are now "rural".
    These are on a major state highway in the middle of Florida.
    How much more rural can it get?
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    My mailman hates it, too busy with our stuff to talk much......My route isnt rural, its right next to downtown major Ohio city. Still no word from management on it yet, I guess they think we dont know, big secret.
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    Look at that new "Basic" service as volume that UPS would not have gotten.
    It would have gone to either Airborne (DHL or German Post Office) or to the USPS. Now, UPSers get to pick it up, sort it, transport it and then give it to the mailman for the last mile delivery.

    Brillant idea to get some revenue and work to UPSers for packages that UPS would not have gotten anyway.
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    longups-this thread is about 2 day air volume being delivered by the post office not the new basic service. Basic is ground service and I think it's a good idea even though UPS seems to have a strange definition of rural so far. If we are giving 2da volume to the post office that is a violation of the contract.
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    wily, Sorry for confusing the issue. I don't think 2DA is at risk because its a core business and giving it to the mailman is like throwing it away. (It would not get delivered on time, nor would it be tracked!)