UPS A Great Stock For Dividend Growth Investors

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    UPS A Great Stock For Dividend Growth Investors - Seeking Alpha

    Looking at the balance sheet, we can see its current ratio in the most recent quarter stood at 1.88, which is slightly higher than 1.82 for FedEx. The company has $5.25 billion in cash, which is $7.41 per share, or enough to pay almost 3 years worth of dividends at the current rate of $0.67 per quarter.

    So far, UPS is looking really good. However, even a great company can be a poor investment if bought at too high a price. UPS is trading at 20.2 times expected earnings for the current fiscal year, and only 17.5 times expected earnings for next year. The industry average P/E ratio stands at 23.5, which means UPS isn't very expensive, considering the high expected earnings growth.