UPS Abandons TNT Express as EU Moves to Reject Takeover

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    UPS Abandons TNT Express as EU Moves to Reject Takeover - Bloomberg

    UPS Chief Executive Officer Scott Davis said he was “extremely disappointed” by the failure of a deal that would have been the biggest in his company’s history, giving it a European market share similar to Deutsche Post AG (DPW)’s DHL, the region’s top express operator.

    While UPS had revised proposed concessions twice to include the sale of assets and the offering of air-network access to rivals, the European Commission has been seeking to create a player of a similar size to TNT to fill the void it would leave, Almunia told reporters last week.

    The deal will be formally terminated once the “inevitable” prohibition ruling has been received, TNT said. The Dutch company added that it “regrets this situation, having believed the merger was feasible and beneficial for all stakeholders.”
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    200 million down the toilet because ups upper management didn't do enough research in the tnt acquisition. As a stockholder i am appalled. Get your act together ups. You better raise the dividend because there are alot of angry stockholders out there.
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    I wondered why Fedex was lukewarm to making a bid for TNT. Now I understand.
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    maybe UPS should concentrate on what it does best...deliver packages.
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    This does not surprise, I been following it from the beginning, I thought it would be good for us at UPS.
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    Who is being held accountable for this debacle? Heads should roll in Atlanta.i
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    I'm hoping the $2oo mil. euro cost eventually proves to be a comparatively cheap way out...the whole tnt acquisition plan seemed way overpriced given the soft European economy..still does not excuse ups for agreeing to this ridiculous exit fee...hopefully the executives will come up with a reasonable explanation..