UPS accuses lawyer of infringing 'Brown' trademark

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    UPS accuses lawyer of infringing 'Brown' trademark - Daily Report

    Samuel Z. Brown, of The Law Offices of Samuel Z. Brown, infringed the parcel-delivery service's various “Brown” trademarks, the company claims in its complaint filed March 19 in New York federal court.

    UPS objects to Brown's Web site,, and his uses of the phrase “See What Brown Can Do for You,” and his “Brown Engine” that performs a “See What Brown Can Find for You” search function.
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    I would really like to see how this case unfolds.
    I would hope the judge sends the company away with its tail tucked between its legs with the message, essentially, " can't control the world and everyone in it".
    But then..........
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    I wanted to check to make sure before I commented so I went to the UPS website and, on the bottom of the home page, there is a category entitled Trademarks. I clicked on it and, sure enough, the phrase "What Can Brown Do For You?" has been trademarked by UPS. I then went to the website in question,, and, sure enough, right on the home page is "his" slogan, "See What Brown Can Do For You." Now, I am not a lawyer, but you don't need to be to see the obvious trademark infringement on the part of Sam Brown and I applaud the company for filing suit against him. I would hope that the suit is not seeking damages but is only asking Sam to come up with his own catch phrase and to take this phrase off of his website and to refrain from future trademark infringements of this nature.

    I went to Wikipedia to look up the word "trademark" and this is what I found. A trademark is a distinctive sign or slogan used by a business organization to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities. The owner of a trademark may commence legal proceedings for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorized use of that trademark.

    This is really a no-brainer. I think that Sam Brown is about to find out What Brown Can Do To Him!!
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    This is a golden opportunity for UPS to give that phrase to Sam the lawyer and come up with a good one for a change. "What can Brown do for you? " has sucked from day one:peaceful:
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    I think most times people do things to gain some spotlight. The lawyer probably has an ego the size of Kansas and just wants to get his name out there. Just like Madonna, Shinead Oconner,Britney Spears, ect ect.
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    lets go back to the tightest ship that was our best one !!
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    Unfortunately, the "ship" began to take on too much water so they had to change it.
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    Yeah I agree.I hate being called "brown", also hamy times have you heard from customers or just people on the street "what can brown do for you". Annoying
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    Since we have purchased overnite we should carry over there saying. I cant believe that we never used this ourselves because it is so true.

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    Hear anything about how your contract negotitaions are going?
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    Yes i have, nothing is going on! From what i have been told and this was said at last weeks monthly meeting, why should we negioate a new contract when we cant agree on the one we are under right now. Now ups has made some progress with setttling certain grievances but at last check there were almost 800 outstanding grievances not settled. The membership are behind steve and the boys and its in ups's best interest to settle early not ours. Steve said that as of right now we ware planning on meeting the first week of july.
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    Can we please get back to the original point of this thread and leave the contact negotiation discussion in the labor relations forum? Thank you.

    The original thread was a law firm which "borrowed" our catch phrase and tweaked it to advertise for their law firm. "What Can Sam Brown Do For You" is just a little too similar to "What Can Brown Do For You" to be coincidental. UPS has trademarked this slogan and has every right to go after this firm to get them to do their own creative legwork. As I said above, I would hope that UPS would only ask that the firm cease and desist and would not go after them for damages, monetary or otherwise.

    I am going to add my vote to adopt the old Overnite slogan, "Our People Make The Difference." I would hope that UPS keeps this slogan in mind when the current marketing campaign loses steam. I don't know if Overnite trademarked this slogan and, if they did, does ownership of this trademarked slogan transfer when ownership of the company changes.
  13. I thought we were suppose to be "cutting costs" now at UPS. Are we going to be like Walmart with their smiley face and next try to copyright the word "Brown?" Give me a break. They are two entirely different fields of business and nobody is going to confuse a law firm with a delivery company. This should be dismissed but won't because UPS will throw away even more money on this lawsuit and will get UPSPAC to pay to take the judges to a few ball games.