UPS ad's star drawing notice

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    UPS ad's star drawing notice - Daily Progress

    If you watch much TV, you've probably seen the sort-of-long-haired guy with the marker and the whiteboard, talking and drawing about UPS. Using brown ink, of course.
  2. ups79

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    Whats with the long hair and what looks like a shirt untucked.
  3. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    This company has a reputation for being clean cut and freshly shaved. What's with the long haired dope smoking hippie look?
  4. Channahon

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    Good assessment - looks like UPS ran out of advertising dollars. Not to mention it's rude to have your back to the audience.
  5. this has to be the worst series of commericials UPS has ever used. When we showed these to our drivers and preloaders they looked at us as if we were nuts. Most commented that "wow you could have raised the p/t rate for the cost of these ads."
  6. bugman74

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    I think the new ads are pretty good. Think about every other commercial you see, they are jamming the product down your throat. These ads are trying to bring awareness of our services to those that might not have know about EAM's etc. Granted, they seem pretty dull and basic and cost a lot of dough, but their simplicity might be the best part of the ad.
  7. 30andout

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    Your right on one thing, there simple all right. The problem is there TOO simple and boring, one you watch one who cares or wants to watch another.