UPS Air Hub Move - From Louisville to Memphis?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by InsideUPS, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Considering all the issues (labor/weather) of having the UPS air hub in Louisville, Ky, does anyone ever foresee the possibility of UPS moving it's air hub to Memphis someday? It seems that FedEx has always had one up on UPS when it located it's air hub in Memphis, where there are less weather related delay issues. Now that the labor "climate" is also poor in Louisville, I wonder if those in the "control tower" at UPS Atlanta are making alternative plans for the future.
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    The investment made in Louisville is to much to just move somewhere else. Plus, other companies that have set up shop near Louisville, because of UPS.
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    Is that Sept 22 factual? Where did you find that? Im thinking too much invested in Louisville as well. I could see them having 2 air hubs, but I think one on the west coast would make more sense.
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    Ups will keep that in their back pocket for down the road if FedEx gets worse or if Louisville works causes future up raises. Don't keep your eggs in one basket.
  6. There already is an air hub in Ontario California
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    I sure hope so brother. I hate service delays!!!!
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    Yes but ups is a spiteful animal. There is going to be repercussions. You can certainly count on this. Watch.
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    Actually I really hope it happens after how that as whom is holding us hostage. I'd love for him to fall flat on his fat face.
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    anonymous, I could see volume being diverted and jobs maybe cut. The square footage UPS is planning on leasing is one tenth the size of FED EX. I guess we can sit back as it unfolds.
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    Holding you Hostage HOW???
    You need your $.70 ? You are getting it..
    What did YOU benefit from the new Contract that you NEED?
    Don't say the new Health Care for the Current FT people in CS.........
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    It's good healthcare troll. Better than everybody else has in this country. Yea I said it we have better healthcare than everybody else. Look at yourself.
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    you really think it's about 70 cents Einstein? I'm going to make 100gr and you think that's what it is. The problem with you is you really haven't been at ups long enough to understand. This site have a lot of old timers but it's younger posters such as yourself that don't have the trials and tribulations yet to truly understand. Now come back with your comeback with whatever but I know I'm spot on about you.
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    Well, since you failed to answer my Question. YOU are the TROLL.

    I have been at UPS 19 Years....

    I Never said it was NOT good insurance. I said I should Not have to Give anything up, when a Company is making Record Profits, and the IBT is getting the biggest raise ever this contract.

    You can't seem to answer the question and resort to name calling.. Awesome.
    You are the Troll stating that you are being held hostage. I simply asked you to explain yourself..

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    Well troll lets see. Better 9/5 language, harassment, increase in pension, increase in what's paid into the health and wellfair and sure post amongst other things. You know this troll but you are trolling for other things. You have been for a little while now.
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    That would be Karma if they moved it to Memphis.
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    Look at the commerical passenger airline business and their hub-and-spoke models. It does not make sense to have two hubs located so close to one another. American Airlines in Dallas has its hub at DFW. They expanded into Dallas Love Field to compete with Southwest but that wound up not making business sense and Dallas Love field is about 20 miles away.

    Makes no business sense for UPS to build another hub so close. Good luck with doing it for personal reasons and explaining that on an analyst's call or shareholder meeting.
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    Yes, I know what the good things are, but I still fail to see the HOLDING YOU HOSTAGE...
    9/5 language -- Some centers were already working with driver, and definitely some centers needed this. I am sure drivers can wait a little longer it has been 5 years. Sounds kinda like the new hires who want the $.70 but will / could pay hundreds / thousands on the back end, and WOULD have if it would of passed the first time.

    Harassment - Anytime this gets better it is all good for every Union employee. Still been 5 years and unless you mess up.......... Don't see the Rush on this one either to give up things.

    Pension - Awesome sounds like you need to retire... Let's hope it stays good, and next contract when UPS is use to the give backs, they don't take that from you. Also, I am going out on a Limb, and say it goes By the YEAR and or Back Pay ish... If you are retiring and making the 100K a year the few Hundred raise a year, you can prob skip a year and still eat?? ha

    AHHH the big one -- INCREASE in what is Paid to the IBT -- Yes that is a BIG win for the IBT.. I do understand how it works, but I think there is Huge money issues.. I am one that would LOVE to have my extra $22 an hour (end of contract) added to my current wage and take care of my own health and pension, but that is just ME!

    Sure Post, while stronger language is needed, my Local said it was already in there, just no one enforced it. the 22.3's didn't want to complain as they wanted to keep the work and volume in tagging them and putting them in bags or whatever. Yes, I know WHY the size restrictions are there - so OUR drivers can deliver them. But see you can't make everyone happy....

    If you call Trolling trying to get ANSWERS, then so be it.

    I am a 75% Vote no, as I have NOT completely made up my mind yet. I just hate how Both sides are twisting things.

    I called out the strong Vote No people on some things that were said on the FB page...

    I think you need to look at the big picture as I am.

    Everything you listed was what I expected for an AVERAGE or below average contract. UPS is MAKING RECORD PROFITS. the Things you mentioned are nothing, we should have More.

    Starting wages SUCK, but only UPS will hurt in the long run on this one.

    the 140K people losing SOME benefits now, yes they are better than original TA, but guess why, the VOTE NO.

    ALSO, did the Pension increase More AFTER the Vote no? I honestly do not know, but the old timers in my building were saying they like the new retirement stuff NOW after the vote no. (remember this is what I heard)

    You also, left off, thinking I am NEW......

    I have always been against the "Other Serious Offense" Now just changed a Word, and well no definition on what it means as the word Serious has got out of hand over the years..

    Have a good day..