UPS - An Old 'Dog' That Can Still Jump

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    UPS - An Old 'Dog' That Can Still Jump - Seeking Alpha

    Somewhat surprisingly, today's quote represents the second lowest P/E of the past two years while offering a 3.1% dividend rate. If management follows their typical protocol the quarterly distribution is set to rise again in Q1 of 2013.

    UPS is a low volatility issue but it could easily rebound to at least 18 times next year's earnings projection of $5.13. That would support a $92.34 one-year goal. That's 26% above the present price. Add the expected yield and this dowdy stock might well provide close to 30% in total return.

    I'm not crazy, or alone, in my thinking. Morningstar and Standard & Poors each carry 4-star BUY ratings (out of 5). Both their target prices are in line with my own view. Value Line rates UPS with their highest safety rating while noting that UPS has a 10-year median multiple of 20x.