UPS and Cancer

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    The other day at work we were discussing about how dirty the air is at our local sort.. when the light hits right you can see all the particles in the..And when loading a trailer its even worse!. Then one of the old sups. heard about people getting lung cancer from working in the building for over 20 years.. has anyone heard of a connection between cancer and working at ups?
  2. dannyboy

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    I have not heard of any statistics from a source that I would consider reputable.

    There are a lot of stories floating around, but no proof.

    Bottom line is that by its very nature UPS work is dirty and sometimes nasty.

    I really dont know of any stats for the companies that make cardboard boxes either, and that cardboard dust is one of the major contributors to what you are seeing.

    So while I cant speak for cancer, I can speak for those with respiratory issues in the first place. Working at UPS can make these issues worse.

  3. retired2000

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    what about all of that exhaust fumes from the pk and feeders. i bet that may cause a little cancer over time.:knockedout:
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    Breathe deeply!

    (less people to deplete the pension!)
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    We recently had a OSHA audit about that.
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    Oh my god, the hub I was at was the worst.. I use to see clouds when you place boxes down on the trailer floor. Also, see it fall freely right below the belt when your walking to wherever.
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    Cancer is known to have environmental causes. Eat a diet rich in Vitamin C, especially dark green leafy veggies...Take a supplement that can be found at the local supermarket, and healthfood stores.:wink2:
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Here's a thought--wear a dust mask, gloves, and long sleeve shirt/pants.
  9. Pump Up The Volume

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    Independent research will confirm your assumptions. H.R. can get you the information you need but I would start with OSHA. Cancer rates are through the roof at one of our buildings. I looked into this awhile ago and found sudies that link diesel to skin cancer. (a mask is totally useless) I also noticed a fair amount of these types of cancers at ups was multiple mylenoma. Anyone else?

    UPSERNOJ New Member

    Over the years, I have heard stories of employees going out on disability with respiratory issues.

    In my case, years back...I used to run the misroutes down to the centers every morning...when I got pregnant, they put a stop to that immediately. That should tell you something.
  11. Tony31yrs

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    We had a newer hub(about 1992) that had the air intakes that were supposed to automatically vent the fumes out when they hit a certain level. When we had over 160 cars trying to get out of the building in the morning, the air was pretty thick with exhaust. I often closed both doors if we were backed up. I only remember them going on once or twice.
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    yeah, you got a point, we've all seen what it is like the drivers take their positons and start their package cars in the morning. Where I am at the feeder vehicles never go into the buildings. I've seen in the philly(Hub) that the feeder tractors and shifters do go in and out of some buildings to pickup and drop trailers so it might be more of a concern because diesel exhaust contains particulate matter that can cause respiratory problems akin, to abestosis, slicosis, coal miner's lung(coalworker's pneumoconiosis) ,. My opinion: same disease caused by the different particulate matter.

    As for the cardboard dust, that's always going to be present, but the way to prevent the floor from being covered by this stuff is to use sweeping compound which binds it and keeps it from kicking up. That however means money for the compound and guys to apply it and sweep it up. I don't think ups is going to do this anytime soon unless someone forces them
  13. BlackJack616

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    even with the possible dirty environment... most of the guys i work with live terrible lifestyles of smoking, drinking and eating very poor..some guys drink soda all day at work.
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    Get educated people.....
    check out the podcasts.... almost every subject you can think of
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    My boogers are black at the end of a shift...what does that say...other then I just made this post kind of gross? :D
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    The Watertown Mass building is located on top of an old tire factory or was it a sneaker factory ?
    Anyway one can still see old decaying barrels and stuff in the lot next door which borders a pond that connects to the Charles River { no love that dirty water puns, please }.
    A couple of years ago I saw the local fire dept attempting to launch a boat there and informed the Lt in charge about the mess of barrels , he quickly ordered his men out of the area.
    As for the cancer connection , yes we lost 3 mechanics in a very short time period all due to cancer, one guy was only in his 30's. All cars are removed from the building first now before any mechanic crawls under them.
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    This sounds somewhat similiar to the WR Grace/Woburn well-water case where about 10 people got cancer in a 1 block radius. There was a movie made starring John Travolta, I Believe.

    Anyway, my point is that there is so much 'crap' buried in the ground before the days of regulation, that we are all at risk and we don't even know it.
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    A Civil Action is the title of the movie you are referring to Brownie. I just recently watched it. A very good movie. It is sad what those families had to go through.
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    Hi Jack,
    Never heard about this before but interested to know so I bookmarked the link to check new stuff others will post. Thanks in advance for any input.