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    I ordered a package with Two-Day Shipping which cost about $60, since I needed it by friday. The day it was supposed to be delivered, my local UPS delivery man, Steve, stopped in front of my house, went to the back of the truck, and came out. He stood there for a few seconds looking at my house and then got back in the truck and left. I checked my tracking number, and saw "The package was missed at the UPS facility, UPS will deliver on the next business day." and "Driver Error/Delivery Rescheduled". I went on UPS' website; under the shipping option I payed for, it says, "Guaranteed second-day delivery". Is there anything I can do?
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    Without going in to too much detail, the driver stopped because the package was listed in the DIAD, which is the name for the hand held device that we use to deliver packages. All of our packages are given a label which assigns a shelf location before being loaded so Steve went to that shelf location and was unable to find the package. The package was either left at the center or loaded on to the wrong truck. You should call the shipper, explain the situation and request a refund of your shipping charges. Make sure to have the tracking number handy when you call. They in turn will do the same with UPS. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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    You apoligize ????

    Just get your extra money for shipping back... bit of a hassle, but an e-mail or phonecall with the shipper will settle it.
    Happens every day.
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    Did you misplace your reading glasses today? Go back and re-read my post. You will see that I told him to request a refund through the shipper. The consignee cannot request the refund directly--they have to go through the shipper.
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    Alright, so I contacted the shipper, and basically, the response I received was that it would not be worth the effort for them to request a refund since it would not benefit them to request it. Practically speaking, they are right. I don't understand why the person who payed for the shipping cannot request the refund. I'm the one who needed the package to be on time, not the company I'm the package from.
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    Call them back and tell them you are going to dispute the credit card charges if your shipping is not refunded. Since they did not provide the service you paid for it will be an easy one to win. Bet they change their tune!!
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    Upstate, a UPS employee still, was apologizing to Nbrown, our customer.

    You Klein, a fired ex-employee, should sit back and let one of us,any one of us, handle these requests.
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    he is incapable of that cach,,,, he thinks he is still a UPSer instead of roasting weiners
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    UPS can't pay *you* because *you* aren't the person who paid UPS. You're not UPS's customer.

    You contracted with someone who sold you something to ship it to you. You paid them for a product to be delivered to you under certain terms. If they didn't get the merchandise to you under the terms of your agreement with them, you can request compensation from them.

    If it's UPS's fault that you didn't get the package, they *can*, if they want, persue the matter with UPS, but it really shouldn't matter to you whether they do or not. All that matters to *you* is that the company you paid satisfies you.

    But if you really must know, the contract some companies have with UPS call for agragate service levels. If over time the percentage of packages that don't get delivered on time rises over a certain amount, UPS pays. But they don't pay for individual packages that don't meet service level. The terms you read on the website refer to retail sales of the service, not for sales under contracts.

    So if you didn't get your package when the seller promised, go back to the seller for satisfaction. That's who you paid. That's who'll compensate you if they don't meet the terms the transaction.
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    Alright, that makes sense, thank you for clearing that up for me, RustyPMcG.