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    I worked at a HUB in so cal, then left for active duty military and soon i retire... I was told im on military leave from UPS.. Has anyone heard of this? And do i still have a job? Thnx in advance
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    Yes you still have a job. Thank you for your service.
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    Plus pay raises and seniority
  4. silenze

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    You probably had to fill out paperwork before you left. If you didn't contact your union hall maybe they can help get your job back
  5. Jones

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    If you stayed in long enough to retire I doubt you still have a job.
  6. FrigidFTSup

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    You only still have a job if you filed paperwork to go on military leave, by the sound of it, you didn't.
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    UPS only had to hold your job up to five years after you left. But thats only if you filled out the paperwork before you left. When I came back from active duty all that I had to do was call the center and tell a supervisor I was coming back. Once I was back I was asked for a copy of my DD214 to show that I left the military in good standing (which is required) and that was it.
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  9. Looken4thachewin33

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    Thanks for all the input peeps thnx
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