UPS and Teamsters Reach Handshake Agreements with Chicago Area Local Unions


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UPS is pleased that we have reached handshake agreements (Tentative Agreement, or “TA”) with Teamsters Locals 705 and 710. These are balanced agreements that meet the needs of both sides, and should be ratified. The parties have agreed to contract extensions, and we expect ratification by Local 705 and 710 members in January.

UPS is committed to deliver dependable service through the peak holiday season, and beyond. With a ratified agreement already in place for both the UPS Small Package and Freight National Master Agreements, UPS is poised for continued growth supported by greater flexibility to meet the needs of its customers.

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Not until January? That is ridiculous.
Actually, that's precisely what accountants would do, show more of a loss at the end of the year for tax purposes
Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid