UPS and the "outlaw" strike of 1946

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    UPS and the "outlaw" strike of 1946 - Socialist Worker

    UPS MADE an early leap into New York City's retail delivery business.

    With its dominance established on the West Coast, in 1930, it set up its delivery operations in Manhattan and aspired to become the premiere delivery service for all of New York's leading and popular department stores and specialty shops. By the end of the decade, it had largely succeeded--it was the delivery service for over 350 of the city's leading retail businesses. It continued to expand during the war years, and one year after the end of the Second World War, UPS got the jewel in the crown of New York's retail trade--Macy's, the city's oldest and most venerated department store.

    This seemingly innocuous takeover of Macy's delivery service, however, set off a chain reaction of events that shut down UPS for 51 days in the fall of 1946 and overturned the leadership of the local Teamsters union.