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    Ok this is not to belittle opinions or other ideas on this site , but to shed light on what we sometimes say as UPS employees about the company we work for. And believe me, I come home many a night feeling exactly what I read on these pages. The simple reality is we work very hard and get compensated well. More pressure is placed on us, but the truth is every industry in America is doing the same thing. My wife is an RN at a hospital near here, nurses at her hospital are being pushed more and more. And they are dealing with life and death. The truth is, good jobs with good pay and benefits are hard to find, very hard. It is a good thing to share the trials of this job here, so we all know we battle together. And we also need to keep aware we are in a pretty good position. Most of us full time live pretty good lives, (on the weekend and on vacation) so I just wanted to add a little balance to the discussion, and keep it grounded for myself and others.

    My humble opinion , a 23 year driver.
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    I agree. It is easy to take what we have for granted.

    That doesn't mean we can't get frustrated from time to time and this forum is a great place to express that frustration to people who will understand and can relate.
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    My frustration is always seeming to get dumped on on a friday. 122 stops, 220 pcs, 150 miles and the last one in. But all in all, I will still at least scratch the rte and I was home before dark. Guess I can't complain about it too much. Maybe, next week I will get my 2 hr requests, and on the rte that I should be on, that will be a good thing. It won't make the other drivers happy but they'll survive.
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    Exactly my point! Thanks
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    Desperately not wanting to start a fight, but this is exactly what the OP was talking about.
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    We all need to vent! Thanks for the responses!
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    Go to any after work gathering in the country and everyone will be venting, whining etc. When I tell a stranger what I do for a living they are always impressed. It is what you make it.
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    :surprised: OOOH Come on Dave. It's a beautiful Saturday morning (here anyway) and you want peace and harmony too? OK! :happy-very:

    I know and I agree.
  9. the on-roads in our center all work around 60 hours a week. they get in at 6:45 and some don't leave until after 20:00. our center manager is a mega work-a-holic. in at 6:30 and has been in his office until 21:00 many nights. there was a night he did a ride with a driver who kept him out until almost 22:00.

    I know us hourly employees are not the only ones getting abused at UPS. are there any managers that post on here that feel the pressure too?

    in closing, yes, UPS has been very good to me when it comes to pay and vacation time and I know I have been VERY good to UPS. the late nights and demands for production do seem to be more often now then before and I just remind myself I will be rewarded for my efforts every Friday with a fat paycheck.

    peace and enjoy the weekend.
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    The biggest frustration with working for UPS is the wasted potential.

    There are so many little things they could do that would make such a big difference. So many of the daily issues we struggle with have simple and logical solutions that for whatever reason are beyond the ability of the company to implement.

    I am grateful for the job, and for the excellent pay and benefits and pension. I am also grateful that I have a union to negotiate those things for me...especially when I look at the way the company treats its own management people.
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    Everyone that has posted on this thread so far sound like glass is half-full type of people. I admire you all for that because for all its screw-ups, UPS does usually tend to find some amazing people that I/ we have all been fortunate to work with. You all are a testament to this. Granted, the job can be difficult, arduous, long days and very physical, and we are all subject to changing weather conditions as well as changing management moods, BUT at the end of the day, the pay, bennnies,and vacations are really 2nd to none compared to alot of my friends career situations. My father was a non-union carpenter, raised 3 kids and taught me not to be afraid of hard work. He was content but he would of loved to have this job and all the extras it provided.
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    If UPS was in the carpentry business, your father would have been issued a 10-inch ruler by the IE department and then told to pretend that it was a foot. He would be instructed to pound nails with a pair of pliers and cut lumber with a drill. And every morning, some guy in a cubicle 500 miles away who had never built anything in his life would send him an email telling him that he was doing it all wrong.
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    And that he should expect to be harassed because he is the highest paid in the industry and management has a grudge because of it
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    the American corporate monsters are gonna devour us all in the end.
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    Are you sure they'll be American?????
  16. my kids should start to learn how to speak Chinese. it might help then land a job when they get older.
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    Good points.
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    More like the American Investor or the American 401k holder or the American pension drawer.
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    I like how everyone here thinks being a UPS driver is the best job in the world (best pay/benefits). You're living in a fairy tale world

    How can you live off 3k a month? I.E. You're a full-time driver for 30 years

    SEPs are the best thing invented.

    That is all.
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    Drivers make 7 k a month. What are you talking about? SEPs?