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    Just wondering if any other centers are getting information about a possible boycott of United Way contributions. Our center has had something circulating that basically says "don't give until hours are cut" I am simplifying the message but that is the General Idea of it. Anyone else heard of this??
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    Now that would get the attention of UPS. Dont you all know sups get a kick back on how many employees they can get to sign up for United Way. Why do you think they push so hard for you to give money?
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    Then the supervisors and managers will have to pay more out of their pocket to make their goal and look good to the DM.
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    Im all for it. I can still go to the local United Way and give, just not through UPS.
  5. trickpony1

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    The company wants us to do for them but they don't want to do for us.
    Many of our feeder drivers don't contribute for various reasons.
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    If there is money to be donated and you don't want to give to United Way, may I suggest St. Clare's Home in Escondido. A beautiful 2 year program to help women and children.

    St. Clare's two year program for homeless and abused women includes: Education & Career Guidance including Life Skills Classes on Health Care, Safety, Parenting
    Nutrition, Domestic Violence &
    Child Abuse Prevention Education,
    Computer Literacy, Journaling,
    Art Therapy, Anger Management
    and more.

    A few years back, St. Clare's Home was a recipient of a UPS grant. It's a great program!!
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    Our local BA, is meeting with the DM and CMs for almost the whole District, Just got a letter the other day..
    Strangely enough, since the 1/4 earnings are now out, we've been running more routes.

    As for united way, I give under my name locally.
  8. moreluck

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    dear guest....that's a total lie.....why would you say something that is totally a lie. Some people are just looking to cause trouble. Shame on you.
  9. gman

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    Hey it's in print on the internet. Don't you know that makes it a FACT.

    We just had a school levy fail. People chose to believe an annonomous flyer instead of black and white facts that the Board of Ed put there names on. People can be very stupid.
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    UPS allowed me to work for United Way for 3 months as a loaned executive. I did not have to report to anyone but United Way for the 3 months. I saw FIRSTHAND what United Way did for people in our community. I met and talked to the people who distributed and monitored the funds that were collected. I can also say there were no kickbacks or incentives paid back to anyone and any talk of this is pure B--- S---! This boycott does only 2 things. First and foremost, it hurts the needy and the communities that YOU live in! Secondly, it creates a reason to not give to anyone and walk away feeling you were justified. There are union people who get help from United Way agencies every day. Are you saying your beef with UPS is worth punishing them??? By all means attack the issue of hours and overtime! Just don't punish those who need our help and charities that help make that possible. I will get off my soap box now - I prefer to read and enjoy the conversations - this one just makes my blood boil.
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    I intend to join the boycott in response to the excessive OT issue. I will, however, immediately send a personal check equal to my former yearly contribution. Maybe not to United Way, but to somebody...
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    Im with ya 9five.
  13. upsdude

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    We've had 2 drivers in our building with desperate needs and the United Way turned them down. That is pure fact. One of the drivers died of cancer and we all wanted to get some help for the family. Finally after months of work, Catholic Charities agreed to help and we assigned our contributions to them. This was after the center employees spent many weekends working on their house, cars and anything else the family needed.

    I'm so sick and tired of UPS saying, "don't you want to help those in need?" The company doesn't have a clue how much money I give to the needy or how much time I spend helping them myself. Why is it only beneficial if the money is funneled through UPS?
  14. over9five

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    Agreed. A preloader (single mom, 3 kids) in our center was also turned away by United Way.
  15. ok2bclever

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    A nationwide successful boycott of this type would certainly send a profound stand up and notice this ! message to upper management that the drivers are serious about this excessive overtime issue.

    If the primary thing affected was just the goodwill attaboy credit the corporation gets from being named and recognized as the number one donator to the United Way I would be one hundred percent in favor of this movement.

    Because as long as those participating in the boycott made equivalent charity donations in their own names, that would be the only casualty.

    However, the loss from closehearted cheapskate cowards that only give because of the intense intimidation management puts on us to contribute who would conveniently forget to ever give on their own would represent a more significant percentage in the workforce than most of us would probably like to believe.

    So I cannot support this boycott.

    You might also give some thought of how this would look to the public when they got wind of it.

    UPS drivers are refusing to give to the poor because they say they are being forced to make too much money.

    Want to find out how fast your adoring public image changes from stud to crud?

    There has to be a better way to shove this message down the throat of upper management without causing the poor and unfortunate to suffer.
  16. over9five

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    OK2 presents a good point, but I'm still in favor of a boycott.

    So how about instead we donate to United Way thru the Teamsters? Anyone who doesn't give, we'll send some goons over...break some kneecaps..

    We should get ourselves free of that intimidation thing anyhow. This could be awesome, and maybe there aren't as many closehearted cheapskates as we fear.
  17. ok2bclever

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    Errr, I don't trust the Teamsters with that kind of money, well ummm, actually with any amount of money.

    Is there some independent trustworthy independent source we could set up?
  18. formerbrown

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    well said!

    I am not standing up for UPS's kudos or recognition. I saw firsthand those that did get help and had a chance at a better life. I have heard of some that did not get the help they wanted and needed, but you can't judge all by a few. the company's payroll deduction helped me to be able to give a larger amount over a period of time that I would have not done on a one time shot. Maybe my flaw.... Just asking everyone to look at United Way for what they have done. As a driver I saw a lot more than I would have in an office job, some were on my route. Do what you can. THX
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    OK, if I must...I will step up and volunteer. Just send all your contributions to me and I will see that it gets to the proper casino errrr, Charity. I meant charity, really I did.
  20. upsdude

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    Hey, with a name like "moreluck" maybe the casino thing would work out.