UPS: anti Semitic??

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    A friend sent me this article...... saying, "get a load of this!"

    Package Apartheid: UPS is Official Delivery Service of the Jihad (DHL Much Better)

    By Debbie Schlussel
    With the Judeo-Christian holidays upon us, now is one of the biggest package shipping times of the year. And given that, I hope you, dear readers, will reject UPS in favor of DHL for your package deliveries. Apparently, UPS is the official package delivery service of the jihad and practices delivery apartheid against Jews.
    I thought the "P" stood for Parcel, but I was wrong--it's the United Palestinian Service.
    Yesterday, I received this e-mail from reader Ruth G.:
    Dear Debbie: A friend of mine has a son learning in the Gush in Israel. She wanted to send him a package. She called UPS about shipping her package to Gush Yeshiva [DS: A yeshiva is a Jewish academy] in the Gush EtZion. UPS told her they do not deliver packages beyond the green line. He would have to go the Jerusalem to pick it up. My friend asked if they deliver packages to Ramala. The reply was yes. After further research for a delivery service she called DHL, they had no problem taking her package and delivering it to her son.

    UPS: Jihad Package Service; DHL: For Us InfidelsAre you aware of this? Why won't UPS deliver in all areas of the State of Israel? Sincerely,
    Ruth G.
    Baltimore, MD

    Last night, I called UPS to verify this, and, in fact it is true. Not only is it true, but UPS will not recognize even parts of Israel that are within the "Green Line," such as the Golan Heights. A man from UPS read me the following statement (which is not on the UPS website--perhaps they are too cowardly to acknowledge this online):
    UPS service is provided to and from most addresses within Israel and the Palestine [sic] Authority area, except for Jewish settlements in the West Bank, a few remote areas in the Golan Hieghts, and the Southern Negev desert.
    I asked the UPS employee if I could send a package to "Palestinian" areas of the West Bank. He said yes. I asked him if I could send a package to terrorist infested Ramallah. He said yes. I asked him if I could send a package to Arab areas in the Golan Heights. Again, the answer was "YES."
    I asked the man why UPS would not deliver to Jewish areas of these regions. He responded, "for security reasons. It's dangerous there." A big, fat lie--the Jewish areas are the only safe areas in these regions. In the Palestinian areas, the UPS man might be tortured and/or beheaded and his "package" castrated without anesthetic, as is a traditional form of torture there.
    I asked the UPS employee how it could possibly be safer in the streets of Ramallah, where Fatah and HAMAS terrorists are killing each other and Westerners, daily, than it was in Gush Etzion. "I don't know. I just work here. I don't set policy," was the response.
    Well, now we know the official "policy" of UPS--giving in to Islamic terrorists and their anti-Semitic views.
    The Etzion block is an important place in Israeli history and Jewish history. There were Jews living in villages there well before the State of Israel existed. It is the "Southern Gateway" to Jerusalem. History of Gush Etzion is on the official Gush website.
    In 1948, all four Gush Etzion settlements were totally destroyed. Arab Muslims tortured and murdered 240 men and women, with another 260 being taken into captivity (and tortured). Prime Minister Ben Gurion in 1948 eulogized the defenders of Gush Etzion and their heroic stand against the Jordanian Legion:
    I can think of no battle in the annals of the Israel Defense Forces which was more magnificent, more tragic or more heroic than the struggle for Gush Etzion - If there exists a Jewish Jerusalem, our foremost thanks go to the defenders of Gush Etzion.
    The heroism of the people of the Etzion Bloc in the face of Islamic terrorists is captured in a great (and sad) book I enjoyed reading, "Siege in the Hills of Hebron: The Battle of the Etzion Bloc" (edited by Dov Knohl).
    Now, the new battle is apparently in the package delivery arena. Since anti-Semitic UPS won't deliver to Jewish areas, I suggest you send your packages via DHL, which has no such phony "security" problems. And tell your friends and family, too. (Ironically, DHL is German-owned; UPS is supposed to be American.)
    Today, they won't deliver to Jewish areas. Tomorrow, it will be Christian areas. But the Islamic terrorist-infested areas, no prob. UPS: Official delivery service of the Jihad. DHL: Still free and strong.
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    That is a very sad thing to read.
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    Oh quit your political whining...They can refuse service to anyone they want to and by the way DHL delivers to Iraq...Can you say idiots?
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    no whining here.....just never heard this before and wondered if anyone else heard this before.
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    I'd be surprised if the men in long black coats with violin cases from the company don't appear on your front porch soon for posting that article. (humor):lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm counting the minutes until the original post gets deleted because it's blasphemous to the company.

    The clock is running...........
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    State Department Travel Warning: ISRAEL, THE WEST BANK AND GAZA

    "Violent demonstrations and armed conflicts between supporters of the Hamas and Fatah factions and clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian militants have increased in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Overall conditions of lawlessness prevail in the Gaza Strip, including the recent kidnapping of journalists. Areas of violent conflict shift rapidly and unpredictably."

    "the Department of State urges U.S. citizens to defer travel to the West Bank and to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip."

    "American citizens in the Gaza Strip should depart immediately, a recommendation the State Department has maintained since the deadly roadside bombing of a U.S. Embassy convoy in Gaza on October 15, 2003."

    "For safety and security reasons, U.S. Government American personnel and dependents are prohibited from traveling to any cities, towns or settlements in the West Bank, except for mission-essential business or other approved purposes. For limited, personal travel, U.S. government personnel and family members are permitted to travel through the West Bank, using only Routes 1 and 90, to reach the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge or the Dead Sea coast near Ein Gedi and Masada. Each such transit requires prior notification to the Consulate General’s security office and must occur during daylight hours. U.S. Government personnel and family members are permitted personal travel on Route 443 between Modi’in and Jerusalem during daylight hours only, also with prior notification. Travel to the Gaza Strip by U.S. Government personnel is prohibited. Private American citizens also should avoid travel to these areas."

    UPS has the right to set their own policies and you have the right not to use them. I would prefer UPS be on the side of caution with their employees.

    Contact UPS: Israel
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    Any volunteers to go over there to deliver in the hot zones?

    Give the company credit for trying to protect it's employees.

    Don't jump to conclusions.

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    About 15 years ago.
    I was in the office with my Hispanic Center manager, a African American female sup and a Polish American Jewish sup. I brought up the subject of prejudice. The center manager promptly said ," UPS is not prejudice! They hate everyone equally".
    It was a joke.
    all of us in the room could only agree with our silence.
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    Read on the back of your diad board the country of manufacture. That is nonsense about anti semitism. UPS is about making a profit in a competitive industry, reinvesting in the company's future, and sharing profits with its people. Racism destroys. I am of German Jewish descent, and I wish I could make all the people of the Holy Land leave peacefully, and then I'd nuke it so no one could have it.
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    I hate journalists. This article shows why.

    This can clear things up: Arutz Sheva - Israel National News
    ..even though it's strongly framed.

    I love it when ignorant people hold opinions on things they don't understand, like policies of corporations.

    Multi National Corporations, like UPS, seek out PROFIT, not POLITICAL gain. To say that they're anti-semetic because they won't service Golan Heights is like saying they're against the poor because their drivers won't walk into some housing projects. Sheer stupidity.

    ...and Burma, could you say unethical?
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    they outsource it. and Golan Heights isn't really much of a hot-zone, btw. I can see why it makes no economic sense, however.
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    Great idea to use DHL. It's not like a German company would have any history with Jews
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    I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. Our company doesn't prefer any ethnic group over another. They are more than happy to take everybody's money.

    Besides, in some of these areas our package car drivers might need body armor (brown of course) just to get a signature.
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    Great idea to use DHL. It's not like a German company would have any history with Jews

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I found out that brown was giving away some kosher turkeys. That doesn't make the Hasidim Daily News now, does it?
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    UPS is not anti-semetic. But it is racist and sexist. Why are woman and minorities promoted over equally-qualified white males? Because as an organization UPS is both racist and sexist. And believe me, the man pictured in the avatar knew a few things about orginizations.
  20. I think UPS had a policy that was either:
    (a) An attempt to keep the drivers safe, via an edict from above instead of using local knowledge, or
    (b) Based on information/policy from their subcontractor, which UPS adopted.

    I suppose the next boycott will be M&M/Mars, for their attempts to burn Jews:
    Masterfoods USA Recalls M&M�S® Menorah for Fire Hazard