UPS Apologizes For Calling Customer Terrorist

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    UPS Apologizes For Calling Customer Terrorist - KERO 23

    The Singh family contacted ABC 23 last week and told us of the incident where a United Parcel Service employee delivered a package to their home and wrote the word "Terrorist" for the signature. We were provided with the information that showed where a UPS employee entered the word terrorist next to the signed by column.

    "We regret this incident and consider it inappropriate. Please be assured that UPS has strict policies about respecting diversity in the communities where we operate. UPS has addressed the matter with the employee who entered the information. Unfortunately, because it's a personnel matter, I can't tell you our specific actions or the details of our investigation, " said a UPS spokesperson.
  2. Must be the new customer retention strategy...

    Go UPS!
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    strict policies. tell me where we are allowed to d r and not d r packages.? my route covers both areas. But i admitt what that person did by putting terrorist was 1000 pct wrong.