UPS Applauds Administration on Engaging in New Services Trade Deal

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    International Trade Agreement on Services Would Enhance Trade Facilitation, Improve Market Access

    UPS (NYSE: UPS) strongly supports the implementation of an international services agreement (ISA) that will open new trading opportunities to businesses large and small. We commend the Obama Administration for providing formal notification to the U.S. Congress of the intention of the United States to enter into the current negotiations that are taking place in Geneva.

    The ISA negotiations are among a group of 21 trading partners, who represent nearly two-thirds of global trade in services, with the objective of promoting international trade in services and supporting increased U.S. service exports and jobs.

    "The American services sector generates more than 75 percent of national economic output and provides 80 percent of the jobs in the country, making it imperative that the U.S. government support commercially meaningful trade agreements that allow U.S. companies to compete on a level playing field in the world marketplace," said Dan Brutto, UPS International President. "At this critical point in the global economic recovery, it is essential that the U.S. continue to be a leader in trade negotiations."

    Brutto added, "Services are the lifeblood of our economy and of global commerce - the indispensable enabler of everything from trade in agriculture and manufacturing to the development and sale of high-tech products. If you want to make it, move it, buy it, or sell it, you need services - professional, financial, retail services and, of course, the delivery and logistics services to get products to market."

    UPS, as the world's largest package delivery company, has long been committed to breaking down barriers and encouraging the economic growth and jobs that come with increased trade.