UPS Arranges a Special Pick-up From a UPS Access Point to Scuderia Ferrari Driver Sebastian Vettel

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    UPS, Official Logistics and Shipping Sponsor of Ferrari, today made a special delivery to Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel from a unique UPS Access Point™ location set-up, one time only, near the Cologne/Bonn Airport ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend to underscore the flexibility of this international shipping solution.

    The two-time winner of the Belgian Grand Prix, discussed the importance of flexible, adaptable services in an increasingly busy world, before collecting his special delivery: keys to a Ferrari 458 road car.

    The four-time world champion and winner of the last Grand Prix in Hungary then treated spectators to a driving exhibition and took along a number of lucky passengers for a few "hot laps" on a memorable ride-along, delivered by UPS, to celebrate Ferrari's partnership with the organization, which is now in its third year.

    Frank Sportolari, President, UPS Germany, said: "This is a spectacular celebration of our partnership with Scuderia Ferrari and raises awareness of our international UPS Access Point™ network which is set to grow to 22,000 globally by the end of the year. And Cologne is a great venue for the event as it's the home of our European air hub, which allows us to ship packages via express delivery to UPS Access Point locations around the world."

    Sportolari continued, "Our UPS Access Point™ network is a great business solution and together with UPS My Choice™, puts control in the customer's hands for package rerouting and rescheduling. Combining these two solutions gives greatly flexible service to our customers in Germany - and we offer it in our global network, too."

    Sebastian Vettel commented: "It's fantastic to be here in Germany with UPS ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. The UPS Access Point™ network is a great business solution for people like me who lead very busy lives and travel internationally. Today it also allowed me to have some fun as well, which is always nice."

    About the UPS Access Point network

    UPS Access Point locations offer a simple solution built around the customer allowing them to pick-up and drop-off their packages when and where it is convenient for them. Located in local businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations or kiosks, customers appreciate the convenience and flexibility that this solution offers. UPS Access Point locations are present in key markets throughout Europe and the Americas, with 22,000 locations expected by the end of 2015.

    About UPS' partnership with Ferrari

    UPS became Official Logistics and Shipping Sponsor of Ferrari in February 2013, in a partnership encompassing Formula One and the European Series of the Ferrari Challenge Championship.

    UPS is also Official Logistics Partner to Ferrari through the gradual integration of its own transport services, providing freight movement on a global level.
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    PR gimmick to push access points.
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    So do you suppose it was a UPS truck that spun those donuts where that Ferrari is setting?