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    I just heard that the new service-"Basic 85" is now being offered to a whole bunch of high volume shippers, with 85% being delivered by USPS. What's next-"Basic 100"? The only part of the business that is growing right now is resi, and now it's going to the Post Office. I know that UPS needs to stay competitive, but why drive right past a resi delivery, on your way to the PO? From a cost standpoint, it makes no sense. From a outsourcing UPS jobs standpoint, it must make sense to mgmt.
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    Simple, they probably make less an hour than you do. Just remeber it is always about the bottom line and this is not unique to only UPS.
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    what ever happened on the basic grievance years ago?
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    My delivery volume to the PO has tripled in the last year. This while they are sinking in letter revenue and competing with us on parcel prices. Kinda reminds me of Reagans arms for hostages deal way back when. Sure we are moving packages, but we're shrinking our own brand by letting someone else provide the last piece of the service chain. The post office has some of the worst drs I've seen personally. And these packages still say UPS on them too. Some customers are :censored2: it takes an extra day.
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    The post office I deliver to has no carriers so they only accept basic pkgs with a p.o. box. The pkgs with a street address I still deliver to their residence. The only problem with that is sometimes I have already been by the address before I get to the post office and I have to go back.
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    When I was still working I noticed that the smaller the Post Office the more Basic packages they got compared to a large PO. I think if the zip code has a rural surcharge or something like that then the Basic packages went to the PO. Once in a great while I would have a couple of packages for my PO that ended in XXX01. My next PO delivery was XXX67 and that same day I would have 23-30 Basic packages.

    Where I live my zip code has enough people per square mile so there is no rural surcharge and UPS delivers all the Basic packages to my home.

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    I was informed a long time ago that the union was supposed to fight against this type of thing...

    The damn ball was dropped...
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    I would file a grievance, outsourcing your jobs in this economy is no way to repay your for your loyalty to this corrupt organization. Remember, you are and will always be just a number to Ups. As soon as their done with you, off with your head!!!! :surprised:
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    What part of this service is outsourcing? To be outsourcing, work would have to be taken away from a UPSer and given to someone else. Since Basic volume comes from companies using FedEx Smartpost and the USPS, it's all new volume to UPS. Basic is picked up by a UPSer, sorted by a UPSer and delivered by a UPSer--all Teamsters. Where is the outsourcing?
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    When I was at AirBorne and then DHL we had what we called @home. One of my 2 post offices would get anywhere from 35-45 pieces a day.Watch out at Christmas ,It was a volume stop that I couldn't even think of putting on my truck.
    Hoping to be wearing Brown real soon!I haven't worked since Jan.
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    Do you still have your DHL yellow and red Ronald McDonald suit? I'll buy it off you if you don't want it:happy-very:
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    What has everyone seen as far as PO volume each day? As far as I can tell, Basic has more than doubled in volume in the last year-pretty soon there will be just one stop-the PO.
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    I've got real big news for you...it's the same everywhere else!
  14. Just Numbers

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    Finally someone understands this. (Though I would still like to have this volume for actual delivery)
  15. UnsurePost

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    I thought that all basic had to be under 5 pounds or a certain weight?

    From what i have seen, working in a large hub with huge (literally) volume, the LLBEAN for one has 1/8 of its packages over 5 pounds. That is roughly 300 to 600 packages a night in our small sort over JUST FOR ONE SHIPPER.
  16. UnsurePost

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    Thank James Jr, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Time to start looking for new work.
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    There are 3 types of Basic.

    1. PO BOX Delivery
    2. UPS Deliver
    3. Post office Deliver

    UPS has files that are used to determine what the destination zip code will fall under for UPS or USPS delivery. The post office delivers all of the remote type stuff that would kill ups on cost. The in town stuff is handled by the brown guy. There are no Guaranteed Service Recoveries on Basic packages. Basic is now being offered for smaller customers who can give us at least 250 basic packages a day.
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    Fixed it for you (we do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.)
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    Basic service is here to stay, its really the only growth that we consistantly see any longer. I remember when Basic packages where just one in twenty, now it seems that 70% of all my resi stops are now Basic. Heck about 2 weeks ago i even had a Basic from QVC. Im waiting for UPS to figure out how to get our wine shippers on the Basic program. I would love that!
  20. barnyard

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    but the USPS does and a UPS shipper can ship to a PO Box if they use basic service. I see Gevalia coffee all the time that is addressed to PO Box with no street address.