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    Now that the program has been announced, how does everyone feel about it.

    Will this take work away from Teamster package car drivers in rural areas?

    Will there be accountability issues with dumping packages on the post office to deliver without tracking in the UPS system for customers.

    Will the shipments from large companies be merged with other rural packages meaning that shippers who did not negotiate terms with UPS will also loose some of the accountability and guarantee options previously available to them?
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    We will let you know what we think once WE KNOW the details.

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    More rabblerousing BS from the mbe crowd, worthless, meaningless drivel. mbe could care less about organized labor, since they breed contempt by paying their own employees substandard wages. This work will do what any volume INCREASE into the UPS System always has done, CREATE JOBS, very simple concept. This program is starting with DESIGNATED accounts whose volume fits the EXACT specifications. As I say, these mbe fools are WORRIED SICK about how the success of the UPS Stores is eating away THEIR business, they are grasping at straws to create a hostile environment without any basis. Instead of making a good choice, they made a very poor choice. Now they regret that decision and want someELSE to pay for their losses.
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    Tie on vacation? You the cover guy?
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    "...You the cover guy?"

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    FIrst off I am assuming this is educational for you, so I will treat it as such.

    There are two differing stories out there. One makes no sense, would result in a loss of volume and funds, and I would think cause really hard feelings with the Teamsters, something UPS and Teamsters dont want.

    The second makes much more sense. It involves us picking up smalls (packages that fit into forever bags) by the thousands. These packages are USPS packages, not ours. WE will Skip Zone them for the customer, delivering them to the local post office for delivery. We currently are doing this for bulk mailers. It allows them to get it to the target post office on a pre-determined date for distribution, all at substantial savings. THese inovations are what grow the economy, and allow businesses to compete in markets that were not open to them before.

    THe first process would mean possibly cutting UPS jobs and revenue, something I dont see happening. The second would increase jobs and profits by allowing the customer to use the postal service to deliver the packages, but we pick them up and transport them for the USPS, saving them money. Very simular to what FEDX is doing now with the overnight letters for the USPS.

    IT seems that the federal gooberment has figured out it can outsource work cheaper and more efficiently than they can do it themselves.

    As for other things that have been discussed, dont know what is true or rumor, so I will not comment on those.

    No matter what though, none of these actions will involve or affect MBE's, so you shouldnt be too concerned. I Could see many applications that would benifit UPS stores though, and that would be exciting.

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    Please note that I did not mention MBE in any way, shape or form in my post.

    It is you that is attempting to turn this into a chance to launch another diatribe against MBE, the ones who made the right decision, the ones who read the contracts.

    I am interested in the reaction of rational people to these happenings. Dannyboy was honest enough to say that not all the facts are available yet.

    You on the other hand went on the attack once again.

    You know nothing about our profit structures or how we pay our employees. I will say this, I have never had an employee leave me and go to work for UPS, so maybe my package is not substandard at all.
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    We recieved a letter in the mail from the Union stating they have filed a formal grievence against using the U. S. mail as a subcontractor. I think this is going to get ugly.
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    Good post danny. It also sounds like we will get volume we didnt have before but have to give the post office the rural, super rural stops
  10. wily_old_vet

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    Here's info on BASIC that is supposed to be given out in PCM's this coming week.

    One delivery attempt
    Use of "shipper release" where no driver release allowed
    Shipper pays for returns
    No COD's, signature required
    No service guarantees
    Slower time in transit
    Smalls sort size requirements
    Labels must be SMART validated and PLD compliant
    Only in 48 states
    Post office will deliver rural and super rural

    Got this info on If UPS doesn't abuse the rural part of this service (yeah right) it sounds like it should give us a good volume increase on some of the stuff we lost when we added the residential surcharges. Here's hoping.
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    Sounds as if we have all died and gone to hell. Nothing in there sounds like the UPS I have been with for almost 24 years. If that is the future, I am glad to be heading out as soon as possible.
    Sounds to me like they are taking the S out of UPS.
  12. wily_old_vet

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    Dammor- Don't think I agree. If shippers didn't want this stipped down version they wouldn't use it. It seems to me if it works it's going to create some jobs.
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    Agreed. I think we have to recognize that for some shippers the cost is this most important aspect of the delivery.
  14. dammor

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    Sorry wiley, but I don't think our customers want this stripped down version of our service.
    They count on us to be the quite a bit more than USPS and Fedex. That to me is our identity. If we loose the service part of ourselves we will be no better thsn USPS. As far as the rural aspect, well that is a scary thought. How in the hell will whoever makes these decisions know what is rural? Zips? Woops, there goes 10,0000 towns and many more pickup accounts that Fedex will be glad to take over after we vacate.
    I hope I am wrong...
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    fdx made an announcement the next day,they are doing the same thing, so both are taking the option USPS made a huge mistake setting up !!!
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    My opinion on this service is mixed. On one hand, the company can position itself to win postal accounts. Conversely, as a taxpayer, this has me concerned, although this can make a good case for privatizing the Post Office.

    Does anyone know if the taxpayer subsidizes rural delivery for the USPS? One wonders what their cost structure is for rural delivery. On the face of it, this should be a revenue and volume loser for the Post Office.

    This service starts out with postal accounts, but will UPS expand this service using UPS accounts, like the DHL arrangement with the Post Office? UPS is in a good position to do this because they know the exact cost to deliver to any destination.

    Furthermore, and I hate to say it, but this issue was not communicated to anyone at work last week. I was the bearer of the news to the workplace, which shouldn't be the case at all. Apparently, these packages should start showing up the system in the near future.
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    HEhehe, Dammor, I used to have a supervisor that when he answered the phone it sounded like United Partial Service. I guess he was ahead of his time.

    I hope that for a surcharge, we will keep the rurals in house, only the postal service gets the ones that it normally would have gotten. And of course we would keep the air services in house wouldnt we?

    YEs our tax dollars are at work paying for this looser, but rather them than us, and remember, they do NOT deliver to the house, they leave it at the mail box. They are the only ones that can legally do so. So what happens when one of our drivers leaves it there now. It would be hard to tell who left it. They way it is now when they do it, there is no doubt.

    I can see pluses galore if this is implimented the correct way, but so far, as they have been very hush hush, it would seem they have something to hide from the service providers.

    Funny aint it, we are the only ones with that title, service providers? I wonder if there is a reason for that, that no one else provides service?

  18. local804

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    Brown, I also heard Fedex was going to try the same service.So now, Fedex will deliver all of USPS`s next day deliveries and the post office will do all of the rural areas(for now)
  19. local804

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    The UPS basic barcode will have 2 scanable barcodes on them with two addresses.The top will have the 1z barcode addressed to the post office.The bottom will be addressed to the customer and have a USPS barcode on it.The UPS driver will deliver multiple stops to the post office and the parcels will be sorted out at the USPS and delivered by the postmaster.If any over 5 lb packages come to the big brown trucks, they are to be driver released at the time of delivery.All commercial,residential,apartments, ect,ect,ect.The parcels just started coming through today, so lets see how it goes.ALL Ihave to say is that it does not look good here for alot of the Hampton drivers and the guys that do the beaches along our shores.
  20. dammor

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    "The UPS driver will deliver multiple stops to the post office and the parcels will be sorted out at the USPS and delivered by the postmaster."

    It will be a cold day in hell when I back my truck up to the post office and am willing to hand over the packages and the service we have promised our customers. As I have said before, our packages are already showing up in USPS's hands and none of us has taken them there in this area. Sounds strange? What is the union saying or doing about this? We are not getting the information we need here and it would seem ya'll aren't either. And by the way, be sure to look for sales leads on your area. USPS needs more volume.