UPS body shop


Was interviewed for a body shop position at UPS in Detroit was wondering if anyone here works there and how they like it. Hopefully it’s ok asking. Thanks.


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It's a good job. Three body guys working there now. One is retiring any day. It's a Mon. thru Friday position. Starts at $32 an hour and $41+ in 2 years. Retirement and no cost insurance also. I heard the plan is to have a total of 6 guys. 3 days 3 afternoons. The supervisor is good to work for. They usually send the body guys out to other centers for 2 or 3 months during peak.


I’m in paint shop now I do light body work and mostly paint work, was wondering how hard they get hit or if you know extent of damages. Thanks again.


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the pe folks and auto/feeder folks are in the i.a.m union not the teamsters. thats makes a huge difference on their pay and one time they received cola for their pensions..I dont know if this holds true across dad was in the i.a.m as a machinist (not ups ) and was very happy with his union.