UPS Boosts 4Q Guidance; Outlines Job Cuts

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    UPS Boosts 4Q Guidance; Outlines Job Cuts - Smart Money

    UPS said it would cut 1,800 staff in the U.S., with a one-time charge offset by savings in its domestic small-package unit.

    However, the company said the cuts were as part of a long-planned management restructuring, rather than a reaction to the slow economy. It cut about 13,000 U.S. jobs last year, mostly through attrition, in response to the recession and a steep downturn in package volume.

    "We're talking about adopting a leaner management structure for the domestic business," UPS spokesman Norman Black said. The latest cuts have "nothing to do with the economic recession."
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    As retired management I believe it is about time the company cut, top-down. For decades many of us watched as front line positions were cut while staff remained unncecessarily top heavy. Economic pressure forced the people at the top to finally make the hard decision.
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    What's evern more impressive is that it is finally targeting the group of people that are costing the most. District manager level employees. And if they don't take the buyout they could be busted or forced to take a 'involuntary separation' package.