UPS Buys minority stock


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UPS buys minority stock tu/simple self driving truck


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article is in I do not know how to pull article out except picture. Arizona Republic.
Company will double number of driverless trips for big-rig trucks in Arizona

A company that operates autonomous trucks on Arizona streets and highways plans to double the number of trips made weekly by self-driving big rigs.

Autonomous-driving company TuSimple is expanding its service agreement with shipping giant UPS, the company announced Thursday. The prior 10 round-trip runs per week between Phoenix and Tucson are being supplemented with 10 new round trips between Phoenix and El Paso, Texas, with some stopping in Tucson.

UPS took a minority stake in TuSimple last year, helping to cement the relationship. TuSimple, with a fleet of 41 heavy-duty trucks, also has been testing autonomous driving for other customers, most of which Price declined to name.


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Self driving trucks don't need a sleeper cab. Nor side mirrors or even a windshield. Think of the streamlining that could be accomplished.