UPS California off the street rate?

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    I have been working for UPS as a part time loader for 6 years, I live in Illinois, I can be a driver already, however, I want to transfer to California, I know if i transfer I would be at the bottom of the list (which sucks :/). I am considering quitting my job and just try to apply in Cali to get hired off the street. would I get preference over people who has never worked at UPS? , since I know what im doing I have been seasonal driver and driver helper. do you guys think this is a good idea? thank you! :D
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    -- If you're attempting to be an off-the-street hire in CA, sure it's a good idea. But it's like asking 'I'm thinking about buying a lottery ticket tonight so I can be a millionaire tomorrow. Do you guys think it's a good idea?' Simply not going to happen. For one thing, the company has more candidates than openings for that position. For another, it's circumventing the contract, and despite the rep UPS receives on here, most management won't play that game.

    -- You cannot transfer to CA because you want to. Transfers are granted, at UPS's discretion, for educational purposes only. At least 6 people will sign off (your sort/center manager, district HR manager, district/division manager ... as well as the equivalents where you're transferring to). How many requests do you think UPS receives annually in places like Los Angeles, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, etc. saying 'I'm 30, never been to college, but I'm transferring to do so.' How many do you think are successful?

    -- If you're attempting to be an off-the-street PT hire in CA, if you can get by starting over at $10/hour (you're probably around $15) without benefits for a year, then by all means do it.
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    Pretty negative there bagels. I say go 4 it! If u dont u will regret it rest of your life. Even if it dosent work out the way u think it will it might even be better! Never know unless u try. Don't live with regrets. Pray )4 the best and expect the worst and everything will work out. Good luck
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    One crappy state to another. No thanks. Lol
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    I'm being objective, not negative -- the situation itself is negative. There's very few off-the-street FT hires in places like CA, and preference will go toward managerial candidates and incumbent seasonal employees who've proven themselves. With more candidates than positions available, it's very unlikely management would enter into a situation that would be perceived as circumventing the contract. And as far as a PT transfer is concerned, we regularly read threads from people who think it's as simple as signing up for - then dropping - classes near where one would like to. But they're not -- if management believes your intent is to fraud the system, then it's not happening.

    If the OP wants to move to CA, then I would encourage him to do so. But he needs to recognize that he'd be starting over (wage and seniority) and it doesn't always work out. Last year we had somebody move back home to the Midwest after living in Florida for several years; he tried unsuccessfully to pull an educational transfer, but needed the insurance for his family so badly he ultimately decided to start over. After 28 days, he was cut loose for performance reasons.
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    I know a lot of guys that left my local and went to other states. It's easier then a transfer at times. You might have to wait a little bit. All but worth it if going to California is going to make you happy.
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    There are no FT transfers, except within select locals or regions. In the past, UPS has granted de facto transfers -- e.g. a 10-year FT driver arranges to quit / be rehired (and start over) at a center out-of-state. But the OP is a PTer pondering if he could quit and be re-hired as a FT off-the-street hire -- which could, and probably would, be perceived as circumventing the contract. Given the few FT openings that exist today, I doubt the company would grant such request.
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    With todays e-mail, internet, online applications, etc.
    There is really no need to move anywhere until you get the job !
    And honestly, I moved a few times - but always had a job waiting for me - and that was back in snail-mail time !
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    Lets stay with the "objective" point of view. First of all, you CANT transfer to to california because you are NOT a part of our region. You would have to QUIT and come to california and re apply. There are NO exceptions for hourlies.

    Secondly, we dont hire off the street drivers here in california. ( thats pretty cut and clear.)

    Not even at christmas do we hire off the street casual drivers any longer. We are over staffed with drivers now with our "cover driver" ranks.

    Third, even if you could get rehired as part time, and worked your ash off, it would take you approximately 15 years to reach a full time drivers position.

    Coming out here with those odds and circumstances make the idea impossible. All the "go for its"... "and nose to the grindstone" comments wont help you.

    The list for part timers wanting to go to full time driving is in the thousands. You would be at the bottom of that list.

    You cant bring your seniority with you, and once you quit, your seniority is "broken" anyways.

    California is a great place to live, the work is hard because we are a metropolis, so the stops are more dense than other states. If you want to come to California, UPS may not be the place where you want to hang your hat on. Find another option that may accomodate your move.



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    I'm not sure where in California the last poster lives but in the Nor Cal region we do hire off the street. We have the dubious 5 to 1 ratio. How ever the likely hood is slim at best. We have been hiring drivers and our last was a girl off the street. As far as "metropolis", California is a huge state and not all of us deliver in L. A.
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    While CA is a large state, and the OP didn't specify where he'd like to move to, California dreamin' usually doesn't refer to Fresno.

    A pet peeve of mine is how misinformation posted on BrownCafe, which has become the "go to" website for UPS employees, has become a Bible of sorts; I frequently hear at work 'the contract guarantees educational transfers, and according to BC all I need to do is sign up for classes at a local community college near where I'd like to transfer to.' This is not true -- you need to demonstrate an educational opportunity; a 30-year-old from Gary, IN with no previous college signing up for classes in Miami, FL has not demonstrated an opportunity. But a 30-year-old with an associates degree who's been accepted into the University of Miami has.

    And imagine if a 6-year employee in Orange County, CA quit and re-hired into another Los Angeles-area facility as a FT driver, leap frogging employees with twice his seniority. What the OP is attempting to do is absolutely no different, even if he's currently in IL.

    If the OP desires to move out West, he has my blessings and encouragement. But honestly, posters on BrownCafe need to stop encouraging those who attempt to circumvent the contract -- especially since UPS management is smarter than you think, and efforts are generally fruitless anyway.
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    We had two guys in local 407 who transferred to Maine and California. The one that went to California became a driver in two years his name was brad. The guy who transferred to Maine is still part time at his choice I believe. Both are happier as far as I know.
  13. brownmonster

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    I thought the guy that went to Maine was Brad.
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    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

    At least the weather is better especially on the coast.
  15. Anonymous 10

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    His name is Bill and he is a great preloader who also happens to be a member of this forum.
  16. I have have a buddy i worked with at Ontario ca hub. He did a school transfer to Pa and did not like it and somehow school transferred back to Ontario. Said he had to sign up for school full time and harassed the union a bunch to get the transfers. Only guy I have ever known to get a school transfer in my 12 years
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    If you move to cali get ready to have to have 4 jobs to survive. Super expensive to live out there. My cousin lived out there for 5 years and he always had to work 2 n 3 jobs n that was to just barely make it.
  18. Bagels

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    Misnomer. As with NYC, Honolulu and other communities with a high cost of living, much of the population in California earns wages well below the national median. And depending on where at in IL in the OP lives, cost of living may not be much different -- especially considering the cost of heating & cooling in IL vs. CA (much less in the latter).

    Because of my dad's business, I spent extensive time (and have family in) Los Angeles. During peak season, there's not much daylight left after 4PM. Not certain I could deal with that...
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    Although Honolulu may have expensive housing........they have some of the lowest property taxes I have ever paid and no furnaces !!
  20. Bagels

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    Property taxes in Hawaii are indeed among the lowest (if not the lowest) in the nation, mainly because no money is collected for public education. Unsurprisingly, Hawaii's single school district is the worst in the nation. (Note that persons of native Hawaiian ancestry attend Kamehameha Schools, not public schools; the duel school system is the root cause for much of this mess.)

    Only about half Hawaii's residents own their own home, and between two-thirds and three-quarters lease the land their home sits on.