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    Hello, not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum or if anyone can give me any advice on this subject but I've worked for UPS since 7/05-7/07 and returned 1/08-present. I'm currently a sorter at the Hub in Nashville.

    I will be graduating in August with a bachelors in business finance and I've been looking around at places I may apply for that will allow my degree to help benefit the job opportunity. I wouldn't mind staying with UPS if the benefits and pay for the jobs they have listed online are worth looking into but I do not have a clue or know of anyone to discuss this with. I am not interested in any part time supervisor positions but do not mind any kind of hard labor or simply sitting at a desk. My main concern would be the pay and benefits within each job and I wouldn't want to apply for a position that I could make more where I'm currently at sorting and doing side jobs with better benefits.

    Does anyone have any experience in this sort of field with "supply chain solutions" and "package operations" etc....? I fear leaving UPS will be the only choice if I want to find a higher paying job to start off from but I would like to know my choices before I decide to leave.
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    I think you answered your own question in your last sentence. Good luck.
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    Congrats on finishing your degree.

    Unfortunately, the unwritten UPS policy towards self-development is, "if we didn't ask you to do it, we could care less." Take a look at managers from all levels up. Many of them either have limited educations, or saw their bachelors' degree as a "requirement" instead of something to bank on. They think they are knowledgeable when it comes to business, but in reality, they are only knowledgeable when it comes to UPS.

    Go out there and find a better job. They are out there, you just have to work to find them. Even if it looks more stressful than UPS, it will probably end up coming with more benefits and nice things than UPS ever wants to give out. There are jobs out there that pay more than a division manager gets with a lot less BS. Employers are impressed by UPS experience, and if they ask you why you aren't trying to move up, just tell them the "transformation" has pretty much dried up any opportunities for a while.

    Someday the company will realize that it is bleeding talent left and right, hourly and salaried, and not developing its people the right way, but it certainly won't be tomorrow.
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    I appreciate the reply, the way you explained it iloadthetruck is exactly how I feel things are in the hub I work at. Seniority is the first thing management usually looks at and not where you went to school and what you qualify for. I know ups has a financial department that is across town but not too sure of the things they do or how the hiring process may work. I do know that someone who worked in HR graduated college with a bachelors in finance and moved from the hub i work at to that department. But theres no one I can speak with to tell me how that worked out or how long that employee was currently working at UPS for.

    All the supervisors at UPS seem to be extremely lenient for anyone who may have a conflict with work and school compared to those who have a conflict with their kids/work or another job/ups. They seem to really push those in school to get things done but once finished it just sounds like you hit a dead end unless you plan on just leaving once you finish.
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    Ask to speak to your HR rep. Your PT sup is not a good source of information, but the sort manager should be. Given how hard it is to find people to go into FT management these days, I think your interest would be welcomed.
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    This isn't the case in my neck of the woods. The MAPP process has stalled. We haven't had panel interviews here in almost three years. If they want want FT management they should try looking. My HR rep keeps telling me to stay positive because there will be FT opportunities available in near future. She's been saying this for 2+ years.
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    Same here, no FT promotions in about four years and there are no current full timers scheduled to retire any time soon.
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    Just remember, "Stay positive, opportunities are about to open up." :wink2:
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    This is good advice. You have a degree in Finance. You should seek info from your HR Rep on Finance positions. Better yet, ask for a meeting with a manager in the Finance Dept. Contrary to the negative advice you have heard, there may be some positions available that Finance will support in the new business design that the company is going to. Good Luck. There are always opportunities for those people who are willing to look for them.