UPS cargo Plane goes down in Dubai

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    Let's worry about the crew and families for now. The rest of it will come out in due time I am sure.
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    Amen. I wonder how long that will last?
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    I hope long enough to show some respect for the crew and their families.
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    I just deleted two posts that were made in poor taste. Our company just lost two employees plus whoever was on the ground. Lets please show some class and respect here for a change.
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    That didn't take long!
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    I offer my condolences to the families involved. I will keep them in my prayers this weekend.
  9. Happened yesterday evening Dubai time (2000h).
    The most up-to-date can be found here
    RIP for the crew and their families.
    So far, available info indicates major visibility limitations in the cockpit (remembrances of the ill-fated Swissair flight).
    More info here:
    Read through the thread. There is also a report by a pilot who says he heard on ATC about the difficulties encountered by the crew, asking for basic flight info (heading, speed, altitude).
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    Sounds like smoke in cockpit and on fire b4 crash. Sad, sad day.
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    I've worked with those within our Air division. UPS Pilots are best of class, none finer. My heart goes out to the crew and family.
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    Sad news indeed. I hope they had went to work on a good note with their loved ones. My prayers and sympathy for the families and friends.
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    My condolences to the family and friends of the crew. A very sad day.
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    How very sad, IMO I dont think some of the comments, thankfully deleted before I saw them got deleted. These guys were part of our family. No matter what the reason, a sad day in the UPS family.
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    Very sad day. We lost family. My thoughts and prayers to their family. God Speed.
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    Very sad indeed. Anyone who has enough training and seniority to fly a 747-400F is an incredibly skilled pilot, meaning they undoubtedly did everything possible to save both themselves and the aircraft. My condolences to the families, and to the UPS family as well.

    When our MD11 crashed last year at Tokyo, UPS crewmembers participated in honoring those pilots. Hopefully, FedEx will show just as much class in honoring yours.
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    It's a sad day when you lose a family member. God, please guide all of the family, friends, coworkers and all those grieved by this tragic event.
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    I've got a pilot that lives on my route. The stories those guys/gals can tell are amazing. I'm sure we lost 2 great employees today. Hopefully UPS will show them & their families the proper respect. RIP