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    We have been asking UPS what our idenity is and we get no answer. UPS has slowly been elimiating our jobs. We have two people layed off, one is going on two years and the other is going on one year. Now I am on the bottom and may get laid off soon. I tried to apply with UPS and they would not let me. Does anyone know how to get around this. I have a class A and should be able to apply in other parts of UPS. I have a lot more to say on what this company does and what the union lets them get away with.
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    How long have you been with the company? How many drivers in your terminal?
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    We are so pleased that you decided to speak up for all of us. Your ubiquitous response punctuated with the thumbs down is so reflective of the negative dogma that "we" share.

    My identity, I am a UPS SERVICE PROVIDER.

    Emphasis on SERVICE.

    I am proud to work for UPS. The truck door is labeled Cartage Services. I pick up and deliver UPS Air Freight and Ocean Freight. Just like you, I have a special piece of paper that says "Class A".

    Do you have ANY IDEA what training and testing a "Brown Driver" endures to drive that special "Class A" truck we drive?
    Perhaps someone can explain this to my discouraged coworker.
    More important, did you know that those guys in those brown trucks don't have a "Class A."

    I don't know what your service center is like but I can tell you that I have not seen or heard of driver jobs eliminated. In fact, I believe that a service center in Michigan eliminated a contractor and hired new "Class A" employees and dress them in a black uniform.

    So start pelting me with rotten tomatoes, I can take it.

    We don't work as hard as the those "Brown" drivers. We should embrace the idea that we can't just move over to another division because we have a "Class A". If it was "that easy," don't you think we'd all be bumped by "Brown" drivers. That would be a sure fire way for the awful UPS empire to eliminate all of our jobs!!!
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    To answer Cartage Man, I have been with them 3 yrs. We have 18 guys.
    To answer ajblakejr. When I found this site it said not sponsored or endorsed by UPS. You can not tell this by this guy's answer. FYI I have been in the freight industry for over 30yrs. I have some experience with a company eliminating jobs. Just because you have not heard of it must not make it true. Is that how I read your statement. Get your info correct. The Detroit center was made a union shop with the new contract. That is how the contractors where elimanted. It happen at several other centers also.
    I am not concerned about what brown does. We were told we are a seperate company from brown. If you are so proud to work for UPS please move on to management. Thanks
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    First off let start by saying good to see some of the UPS Cartage guys posting on this board.

    As with any transition from one company to the next it has taken time for UPS to get everything in order with our part of the puzzle.

    Our role at UPS CSI has remained the same as it did when we were Menlo Worldwide Forwarding. We are the driver division of UPS Supply Chain. I feel UPS did all the Menlo employee a huge favor by buying us when they did. Because I do not think we would have the our jobs today under CNF.

    As far as UPS cutting employees (laying off), this is gonna happen in this type of ecomony. In the short term all stations are gonna suffer a few casualties. I believe in the long run we will be a much better division of UPS.

    UPS CSI has worked with the union here in PDX to secure short haul runs that were awarded previously to contract carriers. I know many other terminals have seen the same thing.

    CartageMan did have one thing correct it is a good thing we have seperate division because the true Big Brown drivers would love to move over to our division, you have to admit we do have a good thing at UPS CSI. I will gladly take a $5 wage difference for the two different type of jobs we do for UPS.
  6. ajblakejr

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    How many drivers are doing P&D?

    How many drivers / dockworkers are recovering freight from the airport and unloading the ULD'S?

    How many driver / dockworkers load the ULD's at night?

    How many driver / dockworkers load outbound trucks?

    How many airhubs fly freight into CLE?

    How many drivers / dockworkers are unloading inbound trucks?

    Do you have any parttime dockworkers?

    How many tractor trailer runs does your center operate?

    Is your center doing any linehaul work to a HUB?

    Have you listened to any of the HORROR STORIES from the Menlo / Emery days?

    Like the day our Air Fleet was grounded by the FAA?
    Or the rumors that floated after our aircraft crashed in California?
    Or the days they bumped a fulltime guy to a part time guy but you didn't want to quit because you had too many years in and you still had HOPE?

    Did you listen to all the DHL talk on your route today? Image what that felt like when it was your company they were talking about - because we listened to Emery rumors all the time.

    I think the hardest thing for all the old timers to understand and believe that UPS is the best thing that ever happened to their jobs. Most of have just waited quietly for the rug to be pulled out from under us again.
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    We have been asking the same question, We have heard a couple names. UPS Freight forwarding services, Air Freight Services and of course CSI. I still do not think they are absolutely sure what they are going to do with us.
    We had guys on layoff too, Emery ran this company into the ground and it was poorly managed, in our case they simply had too many drivers, too litlle work. but over the last year we have got all drivers back, we too are getting linhaul work.
    We tried at the time to get our lay offs work at the big brown and were not successful either.
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    Is it just me or does this remind you of getting home from work when all you just want is to be left alone and your wife starts in asking you a barrage of questions? :knockedout:

    HEY ajblakejr! Shut the F*** up and leave me alone. :biting:

    Cleveland, I don't blame you for not answering a single question! :wink2:
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    Well it happen. Myself and another guy got laid off. My last day is 12/20. Managment can not answer if and when I will be called back. They did the same thing last year and out od the two guys layed off one was called back. That was me.I believe I will not get called back. We went from twenty guys in 2005 down to 15 guys now. One guy did pass away. Management is working one week at a time. Putting up a bid every week starting Christmas week until 1/5/09. If there are any real teamsters out here lets find another place to talk.

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    Apply at ups freight since they are taking over csi business.
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    UPSFIKES you do realize he posted 4 yrs ago