UPS CEO's 2009 compensation rises 6.2 pct

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    UPS CEO's 2009 compensation rises 6.2 pct - Google

    The chairman and chief executive officer of UPS Inc., Scott Davis, received total compensation valued at $5.5 million last year, a 6.2 percent increase from 2008, according to a regulatory filing Monday.

    An analysis of the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows Davis, 58, received a salary of $1 million.

    He did not receive a bonus, per se, though his salary included a bonus equal to one-half of one month's pay. He also received a performance-based bonus of $130,523 and other compensation of $31,345.
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    Thats what I call setting an example you get a raise nobody else does. The people who sweat for the money get 000. Thats the way the outsiders do it.