UPS Chairman Appointed to President's Export Council

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    UPS Chairman Appointed to President's Export Council

    Scott Davis, the chairman and CEO of UPS (NYSE:UPS), today was named by President Barack Obama to the President's Export Council.

    "Boosting America's exports strengthens our economic growth and supports millions of good, high-paying American jobs," Obama told a White House gathering. "That's why I set a goal during my State of the Union address to double our exports over the next five years. Since then, my administration has worked to improve advocacy for our exporters, remove trade barriers and enforce trade rules in an effort to ensure that the benefits of global trade are broadly shared."

    As the top advisory committee on global trade, the President's Export Council advises the President on government policies and programs that affect U.S. trade performance, while also providing a forum for discussing and resolving trade-related problems among businesses, industrial, agricultural, labor and government sectors