UPS Chairman Davis’ total comp rises to $13.1M

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    UPS Chairman Davis’ total comp rises to $13.1M - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    The total compensation included a $1 million salary (flat), $9.5 million in stock awards (up 22 percent), $450,807 in option awards (up 3 percent), $566,966 in non-equity incentive plan compensation (up 144 percent) and $1.5 million for change in pension value (up 25 percent). Davis also got $40,732 in other compensation, including a 401 (k) match of $6.125, $7,705 in life insurance, a $5,394 pension benefit, $14,885 for financial planning and $6,623 in health-care benefits.
  2. rod

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    With the next contract coming up fast its just about time to start the "oh woe is me---we are broke" routine. --------------------- I'm sure everyone will get a 22% increase.
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    This makes me sick. This is what outsiders running the company do. Jim Casey is rolling in his grave
  4. Dragon

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    Did he get 3.8 MIP?
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    Thank you Cheryl. Actually we should all be happy that Mr. Davis received such a substantial compensation increase. News like this makes it MUCH easier for our Union negotiators in 2013.

    Interesting to note however....also in the same article.. I'll bet our UPS COO is not happy....

    • Chief Operating Officer David Abney’s total compensation was down 12 percent to $5.1 million.
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    Will be lucky to get 2.5 percent.
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    Maybe it's the 1 percent getting richer on the back of the workers.
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    he deserves it thats nothing compared to some other companies. Look what we make compared to other drivers an people we deliver to
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    He must have turned in LOTS of sales leads!