UPS' Christmas delivery

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    UPS' Christmas delivery - Palm Beach Post

    There was a time when companies gave turkeys and ducks or cornish game hens to their employees for the holidays.
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    :laugh: Over here in Europe the company traditionaly give chocolate. Usualy on the last working day before we start the holidays we recieve a tin with a selection of chocolate from accross Europe, not a turkey but still a welcome treat! I have just read a PCM that explains that the company now tailor the christmas gift to where it is being given. It is good to see that a company the size of ours still makes this small gesture of thanks to all its employees. Sure we would love a couple of hundred in the bank... but lets be real about this there are a lot of companys who in order to save a little for its share holders have cut this kind of gift.:thumbup1:

    Merry Christmas to all.