UPS Christmas Ornament for 5 year anniversary. Please help!

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    Hi UPSers,

    I am an outsider! I don't work for UPS. But I do need your help finding a UPS Christmas Ornament.

    My best friend lost her father 5 years ago. He was a UPSer for 30 years, and died 2 months before his retirement after a year long battle with brain cancer. His funeral procession was lead by a UPS Truck :)

    Her family always had a small UPS truck ornament that was one of the favorites on the Christmas Tree. When their father passed, it took on a new level of importance.

    This month is the 5 year anniversary of his passing, and she has moved into her own house and is starting her own family. I wanted to find this ornament to give it to her so she can have her own little UPS truck on her new family tree, something to continue the tradition in her new home. I can't seem to find this ornament on any sites that sell UPS Merch to non-upsers like ebay, etsy, staples etc.

    I want to ask if someone would help me to purchase this ornament through your companies internal merchandise offerings.

    Please contact me if you are willing to help!

    Thank you!

    Good Luck this holiday Season!!

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    Good job grunt
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    Thank you.... Agreed, it is overpriced, but my time frame is short! So I got it.

    Thanks UPSers!

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    I guarantee for only $3.99 shipping it ain't being deliverd by UPS.
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    That is very nice of you to do. Something she would never forget.