UPS Christmas Song

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    Butt In The Chair What you talk'n bout Willis?

    Ok, yes.. I do have too much time to ponder as I drive through the night! I retain ©

    You have to sing this to the tune of Jingle Bells...

    Driving down the road
    In a big brown semi truck
    Chain law just went up
    I'm thinking "just my luck"
    The snow is coming down
    The traffic's moving slow
    And all the while central is screaming
    Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!~~~~

    U-P-S, U-P-S
    The freight it's gotta' go~~~~
    We don't care if there's black ice
    Or 6 damned feet of snow....owwww

    U-P-S, U-P-S
    Good tidings, comfort, joy
    We deliver happiness
    To all good girls and boys...

    (2nd verse)
    Well Santa's in a bind
    The elves are way behind
    An idea comes to mind
    He picks up his landline
    Would U-P-S please help
    And of course we say yes
    So come along and sing this song
    It'll get stuck in your head....

    (chorus) [you should already remember it]

    (3rd verse)
    I'm loaded down with freight
    Headed for who knows where
    I'll take it to my hub
    They'll sort it all out there
    By land or sea or air
    It doesn't matter where
    Just call us and we'll pick it up
    No more shipping nightmares......

    (chorus).... :)