UPS coerces/forces employees to write false statements about other employees.

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If you make a safety or ethical concern known. Watch out for this unethical, retaliatory, workplace violence inflicting management tactic. Employees/coworkers are all of a sudden, making false statements about you.

Most of us are aware that many in UPS management do not adhere to the UPS Code of Business Conduct and/or the UPS Policy Book.

The majority of UPSers do not realize the depths UPS will sink to in order to discharge employees who voice ethical or safety concerns.

What UPS Airline Management did to a 747 Captain & 22 year military veteran is unacceptable.

The pilot attempted to have UPS correct an inaccurate and dishonest company record as required by UPS' Accuracy of Records and Reporting. The pilot also addressed a safety violation.

What UPS management did instead was coerce/blackmail 3 other pilots (and attempt to solicit a 4th pilot) into writing false statements about the pilot who reported the safety and ethical issues. Why would these pilots write false statements? 2 of them had undisclosed to the FAA DUI's. 1 stole moving/relocation expenses and 1 abused sick time in order to extend vacation time. UPS was holding these violations over their heads.

UPS CEO was recently presented w/voluminous amounts of overwhelming evidence showing UPS Airline Managers coerced/blackmailed/forced troubled pilots (HIMS, substance abuse, theft, fraud, etc.) to commit perjury, especially those convicted of UNDISCLOSED DUI’s to the FAA. UPS Airline Nefarious coverup was to TARGET USAF VET and others for enforcing UPS Airline Safety/Security & daring to challenge UPS’ Company controlled Union’s corruption against pilot membership. Will CEO uphold UPS’ purported code of conduct and right the wrong?? We’ll keep you posted……….

‪TRUTH MATTERS!! See sample of Recording Arrest and Conviction UNLAWFULLY UNDISCLOSED to FAA at following link & Cases Search ‬3AN-09-13397CR.

So; if you or anyone you know is discharged from UPS based on false "statements" from others; pay attention.

Employee file records including talk withs or exception history reports (for pilots) need to be requested for every employee who made a negative statement. Criminal records also need to be pulled. These employees are only out to save themselves. Losing one's lively hood where one is making between 100k and 350k is a very powerful motivator.

It is only a conspiracy theory if no proof exists. Once proof exists; it is in fact a true conspiracy.

UPS has paid millions of $ to keep this over 20 year UPS pilot's experience buried. It will see the light of day.

UPS management has been afforded ample time and training and is aware of the UPS code.

If UPS management does not correct their behavior; one must conclude that they have refused to correct their behavior.

FAA flight surgeons, the DOT, the NSTB, AMEs, DOJ OIG, reputable media and others could hold UPS accountable.

UPS airline employees and the general publics safety is in jeapordy.
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