UPS Comes Up Short


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UPS Comes Up Short - The Street

Second-quarter earnings rose a weaker-than-expected 7.6% from a year ago at UPS and the company issued guidance that trailed Wall Street estimates.



The company needs to "package" their services better via Madison ave,not more air time but better presentation with innovation to keep UPS in the minds of users. More agressive sales to boost volume,usually an area where based on my experiance, the brightest of Brown, wasn't used. UPS is an old company (1907 ) clean out the cobwebs of old thinking, and get movers and motivators unshackled to turn out new thinking with all employee's of one mind and that is on service to the public. UPS had a good idea, lead with some of the best management of their time and a truely inspirational decent,modest and a great man James Casey as founder.
Lets keep it going at least another 100 years, and remember what was always in the back of my mind when I was employed, do your job the best you can and you will never have to worry about your paycheck. I believe that might be attributed to Mr Casey.
Bob Kasten

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When will I ever learn not to fall in love with a stock. I'm retired and more than 50% of my portfolio is in UPS stock, and twice now I said when it hits 80 I'm going to sell but greed keeps me in, I swear never again, once it hits 80 I'm out and never coming back...


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sold 1/4 of my ups stock the last time it got to 80. then it went to 83 and I was kicking myself but now I wish I would of sold 3/4 of it.