UPS Commends Chairman Camp and House Ways and Means Committee on Taking the First Step Towards...

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    Proposals Such as this Comprehensive Tax Reform Discussion Draft are the Right Path to Lead to Economic Growth and American Competitiveness

    UPS (NYSE:UPS), a global logistics provider and leading advocate for comprehensive tax reform, applauds the release of a tax reform discussion draft by the House Ways and Means Committee. Today's proposal is the result of hard work by Members of the Ways and Means Committee and the leadership of Chairman Dave Camp (R - MI).

    "UPS welcomes a process that leads to comprehensive tax reform that will strengthen American businesses and create jobs in the United States," said Scott Davis, UPS chairman and CEO. "This proposal creates an opportunity for elected officials to work in a bipartisan manner to craft and pass legislation that will make the American tax system simpler, more fair and put America's economy on a sustainable path to growth."