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July 17, 2006 -- ( Liber) -- The stock market remains unstable for now so I am sticking with the theme of focusing on relatively safe companies that are worth considering as long term holds. There is some fear and uncertainty in the market and any experienced investor knows this also brings opportunity. United Parcel Service is a rock-solid company that has increased shareholder equity continuously over the last five years. It has a clean balance sheet with long term debt-to-equity ratio of 0.2 and pays a 1.9% dividend yield. Like Berkshire Hathaway it is one of only seven or eight companies (out of thousands) that have an AAA financial rating -- extremely strong! I bought some last year as oil prices were rising and the stock had dropped, the market fearing the company's earnings would be hurt since it maintains the largest private fleet of planes and trucks in the world. Well it, like other carriers, just added a surcharge and kept on doing business as usual. Now oil prices are moving up again and the same thing is happening -- and again it has got my attention. This is a company you can leave to you kids, grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you can buy something of this high quality on sale, why not?