UPS Credit card fraud?????? PLS HELP!!

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    Hi everyone!
    First time user here, I did not know who UPS was until the very early hours of this morning when I checked my bank account!
    $233.29 Has been stolen from my credit card.
    I called the bank and the only information they could give me was this number 888-811-1648 and UPS beside it.
    I cancelled my card and am hoping for a quick return of my money as i only have $68 to my name for the next 12 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How the hell can they do this? And why?
    Im in Australia.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You say credit card but it sounds as though it was actually a debit card. It also sounds like someone has used your credit/debit card number on one of our shipping documents and UPS was simply doing it's job by processing the transaction. Make sure you call UPS back as soon as the transaction posts so that you can give them the tracking number and they can begin their investigation and (hopefully) the return of your money. Let us know how this turns out.


    No it is my credit card.
    There is no tracking number just that phone number.
    And i am not quite sure what UPS is??
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Your loss should be limited to the first $50 if you contacted your credit card company in a timely manner. The tracking number will appear when the transaction posts to your account.
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    UPS is a US based competitor of DHL.
    We provide package transportation services.
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    UPS didn't steal your credit card number, somebody committing fraud probably did. You just need to dispute the charges with your credit card company. There are scams where the scam artist will ship fake money orders to people in an attempt to cheat them out of their money by gaining access to their bank account or getting the victim to mail real checks back to them. The scam artist probably just guessed a bunch of numbers that happened to be your credit card number to set up a UPS shipping account. You get cheated and so does UPS because UPS ships a lot of Next Day envelopes and doesn't get paid for the service. Like I said before, you just need to report it like you did.
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    United Parcel Service ! Anyways, don't think it's a legitimate UPS charge. As I read the link you posted, that someone else has been scammed in the same matter.
    Contact the creditcard company again, and don't take "NO" as an answer !
    By law they must protect you against fraud !
  8. User Name

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    Maybe you are not the only one. And UPS didn't do it.


    Thanks! Ill send that to the fraud department.
    And thank you to all for your replies.

    The bank tell me it can take up to 6 weeks to resolve and credit the matter.
    Perhaps UPS could contact credit card holders before they withdraw funds?
    Not sure how that all works? But it's going to make the next week or so tough for me financially.
    Might have to take some goods to a pawn shop now. :sad-very:
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    Here, when you dispute a charge the credit card company takes it off your statement pending the resolution. The resolution may take a few weeks but you wouldn't be responsible for paying the fraudulent charges. The laws may be different in Australia so look into it.
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    My wife received an email this morning from "The UPS Depot" concerning an DHL shipment that was being held because of an "inexact" address. They wanted her to provide a CC to "Prove who she was" and to click on an attanchment. I promptly deleted the email, and I guess I should have called LP, but didn't.
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    Hey, it is a credit card. Call them, explain to them, that you need MONEY !!!
    Atleast get your credit temporary raised. Thats the least they can do for you, I hope !
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    You should forward those to UPS and also to your cc co.
  14. moreluck

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    Don't forget to report it to Klein too !!
  15. p228

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    You can report fraudulent emails to the FBI. They also list common email scams.
  16. dilligaf

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    Oh god yes, please don't forget that. :surprised:
  17. DS

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    :happy-very:COMING SOON ....What would Klein do!
    I hope you get your $ back fast UPSSTOLEMYCC....
    sux pawning essentials for tucker
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    A common problem happening over the past year or more has been , people opening up fraud accts and shipping fake money orders in a scam to defrauud unsuspecting seniors here in the U.S.
    I have personally stopped close to 1 million in fake money orders being shipped in my letterbox and @ staples !

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    I have an interesting question to the poster. Im not familiar w/ credit cards in australia but I am familiar w/ them in canada and the US. So heres my question throw out all the dispute stuff and everything else, so this is a credit card right? Credit cards never require full payment? Your story seems fake. Credit cards hate when you pay the full amount. You dont even have to make a payment every month. I mean your supposed to but they will just give you late fees if you dont pay.