UPS Crunches Data to Make Routes More Efficient, Save Gas

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    UPS Crunches Data to Make Routes More Efficient, Save Gas - Bloomberg

    United Parcel Service Inc., the world’s biggest package shipping company, is using data from customers, drivers and vehicles in a new route guidance system that will save time and money and reduce fuel burn.

    The On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation, or Orion, system is being introduced this year to 10,000 of the Atlanta-based company’s 55,000 U.S. drivers, UPS said today. Orion has been in development nearly 10 years and is the company’s biggest technological advancement in the same timeframe, UPS said.

    UPS has a history of monitoring and standardizing even the smallest issues, from drivers keeping keys hooked on a finger instead of in their pockets and making only right turns, to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The company declined to provide total savings from technology it has designed and other programs.
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    Coming to a city near you...
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    "Monitoring and standardizing"

    So that's what they call micromanagement.
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    Interesting that this system seems to ignore much of the "Monitoring and standardizing" that has been implemented over the years. New package cars come with a fob so you aren't carrying a key. The "only right turns" is pretty much eliminated by Orion because, well it takes more miles to just turn right. Package selection is way different because much of the day you are selecting from the middle of the load. It seems to me Orion is doing what front line management has refused to do for the last 15-20 years.
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    Orion is and will always be a wast of money. IT will always need to be updated and every possible loop in every center would have to be programmed and updated in order for it to work. IF every possible loop isn't program and they cut different routes or add a number of different splits on any giving which happens everyday any savings goes out the door.

    They have Orion in two building in my area and even the SUP say that it isn't as perfect as management is saying. From what one of the SUP told me is something is messed up they can't fix it they have call a Orion person and have them change the Loop.
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    Had a stop today that was a business that was open 24hrs, two drivers went by this business with stops on both sides of the road but the stop was cut to me. I was 5mile away. They think that it is the driver who don't know what is going on.
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    Orin better come with a box of magic example if I only had one next day air for one stop and the business next to it had nine packages who's going to move the hundreds on packages that block my bulkhead door from opening or the hundreds in it way from the rear sure I would save some gas but it would take an hour to move all those packages in a perfect world we would all run around with 100 packages and 60 stops not 400-500 packages and 115 stops with 40 pickups
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    The problem we have here is that the people designing the system to tell us how to run our routes most likely have little to no on-road experience.

    Do you think those with schools on routes have been considered for when they get out for lunch? The end of the school day? Half days? Probably not.

    Does Orion know that a 20 piece stop takes up the entire center of the car due to the size of the boxes and would tell you to get that out first ? NO.

    What would Orin do if there is road work causing major traffic delays?

    Does Orion know about which areas are more well lit at night for safer night time delivery. Yeah right.

    Does Orion know what time certain receivers take their lunch or breaks? Or when other trucking companies arrive to deliver there as well?

    The system is and always will be flawed. We NEVER do our route the same way twice. How can a computer program make those decisions?

    Im im not gong to follow it. I work smart so I don't have to work hard.
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    I love the way they loop the routes...many a time I see another driver delivering on the same breaks up the day having a brief chat
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    That has less to do with route looping and more to do with stops per car.

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    My ORION experience this week is mixed.

    I worked on it with the ORION sup for 2 days but there are still many flaws. (I've stated most in UPS PRESSROOM THREAD)
    I keep an open mind using it but the force-fed use of it is just downright wrong.
    With EDD, you take that list and use it as a tool to get the job done. Forcing the 85% ORION trace brings up glaring mistakes.

    It is very true your residential backing will increase 10 fold. Left turns are the norm. Forcing odd-even delivery on busy state roads is scary to say the least. My paid day has gone up an hour since implementation, when following EDD I'd be .5 paid under.

    But the most absolute ridiculous thing about ORION is the disregard for basic "back of the truck" delivery methods. I've lost so much time looking for packages in the back, I find it useless. To make me pick stops from my 1000 section randomly, clear the 2000 section BACKWARDS while also searching for stops in my 3000 and 5000 shelf is the most disgusting thing I've seen done. I pride myself in getting the job done quick, safe, and off the clock as early as possible. I've become brain tired from the searching and constantly using my EDD trace knowledge to figure out the randomness of my ORION trace.

    I just can't imagine for the life of me how UPS will assume a much weaker paid-over driver will be able to do this. If you are light, it can work. If you are bulked out or in peak season, IT DOESN'T WORK !