UPS cuts 500 positions - half at D/FW Airport

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    UPS cuts 500 positions - half at D/FW Airport - Texas Cable News

    United Parcel Service is eliminating 250 positions at its overnight sorting facility in North Texas, and another 250 jobs will be cut at a similar facility in Columbia, South Carolina.

    The reduction in shipping volume is the main reason for the job cuts. Next day air packages have taken the hardest hit, said Norman Black, UPS spokesman. It was down 10 percent in the third quarter.

    The affected workers will be eligible for positions at other UPS facilities, though Black said he didn’t know how many openings the company has currently.
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    I wonder when Norman Black will get the axe. Hoax could write a nice little app that generates perfect blanket auto responses to questions from the press and save the company a hundred grand or so.
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    UPS is not immune to the economy, the organization is responding to volume losses. No different than any other company that has announced layoffs.
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    Volume loss I understand .For 13 years I've worked 6:am to 3:pm Tue-Fri, Sat 7:am to 4:pm . The shift I work is Eam and day Hub . Eam I finish about 10:am sometimes 11:am, Tue-Fri. I finish my day in the Hub. Sat 7:am to 1:pm Eam, 2:pm to 4:pm Day hub. My Eam job is not being changed. But the day Hub is not working Fri anymore and will work Sun 9:pm to 1:am . This makes half a day on Sun Day hub and half a day Fri Eam. Because of this Hub move they say I can no longer work this shift cause of 6 report. My new shift will be 3:am to 7:am and 5:pm to 9:pm Tue-Sat.What a life changer! After all these years! Each day back to work every 6 or 10 hours.
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    the dfw night sort has been in the works to be processed at world hub long before the economy took a plunge..they can process more vol faster w less employees. world hub as completed expansion to hold 10-15 more planes. have herd they are still looking to grow more.