UPS cutting 85 jobs at Moncton operation

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    UPS cutting 85 jobs at Moncton operation - New Brunswick Business Journal

    UPS Canada is cutting 85 jobs at its Moncton call centre, an efficiency move that will see the firm both outsource and transfer work elsewhere within the company.

    The decision by the express carrier and package delivery company, formally called United Parcel Service Canada Ltd., is part of an effort to grow globally, according to Tammy Bilodeau, a controller for UPS Canada in Moncton.

    The positions the company is trimming are administrative in nature, "back office-type work," Bilodeau said in an interview.

    The company has some 1,000 workers in total in New Brunswick, including at a customs clearance and brokerage operation in Fredericton.
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    WorldPort in Lousiville, KY doing same with HR and Health&Safety. Moving HR to a call centre. Basically doing away with Health&Safety dept. One or two people going to operate entire Safety dept. Way to promote
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    I knew that almost a year, ago, and even posted it on BC.
    What surprises me is only 85 jobs..... but that's probably just the beginning.

    Call center is going to the Phillipines. They get paid $1.50 an hr there, and hardly any bennies.
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    Don't be modest Klein ... you knew that before you were born.
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    No, "Darkangel" told me that last year, they were building another Building next to hers (American call center), and that it was for a Canadian Call center.

    They can't combine US and Canadian Call centers together.
    Both countries have different regulations, measurements (metric here), postal codes, and even language - will be funny if they will learn French there, just to get a job !
    But, then again, maybe all Quebec calls will still be handeld in Canada ? - don't know that.
    Price differences, international shipping methods, etc, all different.