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    Anyone out there interested in UPS cycling gear? The Atlanta team is preparing for the Georgia MS charity ride. Gear is sold at cost and anyone is welcome to join. Thanks!

    UPS Atlanta Cycling Team - UPS Connect and Kit Store Open Until June 30th

    Logica Sport - UPS Atlanta Cycling Team (2)

    Team Kits (Jersey & Bibs):

    The online store for the UPS kits has been opened again. Both Team UPS Atlanta and Ohio utilize these kits. Thank you again UPSer Johnny H for your work last year designing/organizing the kits for the team.

    ·Available to all UPSers and Team UPSer mates – Not limited to just those riding in COX Atlanta Ride. Please Pass Along this message.

    ·Unisex Jerseys as well as Men and Women Cut Bibs

    ·Lycra fabric - SIGNIFICANTLY cooler (temperature wise & look) in Georgia’s heat as well as compression sleeves


    -Made in Italy - Sizes run smaller than US

    -“Racing Cut” meaning that fits more snug than a ‘casual / club’ cut

    -If you are not accustom to those fits – highly recommend 2-3 sizes larger than normally order

    -Online Store - Logica Sport - UPS Atlanta Cycling Team (2)

    -Pricing info available on the site

    -There is a 10 item minimum for each cut otherwise there will be an up change. If we are unable to get 10 Women Bib orders – we may have to look at men’s bibs with a women’s chamois

    -Takes approximately 2-3 months for the manufacturing process – expected to get just in time for the Bike MS: Atlanta Ride (October 1-2, 2016). ( Bike MS: COX Atlanta Peach Ride 2016 )

    -Deadline for orders – June 30th

    There's also a UPSers Connect page for UPS Cyclist. Please join: UPS Enterprise Portal Log In

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    Note to members:
    Note: This post and thread have been reviewed and approved.
    i.e. - We have approved UPS motorcycle clubs apparel in the past.
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    What's the largest size?
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    4xl is the largest, unfortunately. :-)
  5. Can we wear the uniform on route?
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    Can I get a FedEx one?
  8. 8 Hour Day

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    Seriously, when I'm off the clock, I wear no brown.
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  9. 22francek

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    Would love to get a UPS cycling Jersey. The links on this page are coming up blank. Anyway to get a women's small set?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Dinner, drinks and dancing?
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  11. DouG Chiz

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    I've been half heartedly trying to get a riding team together with other UPSers up here in the greater Seattle area for past year or so. Wish I'd seen this post 5 mo ago. You still have the contact for Logica if we can organize another round of kits?
  12. Wally

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    Do they have a "ORION says you are doing it wrong", shirt?
  13. Jackburton

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    How much do I get paid to be a billboard?
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  15. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    Like cyclists are not annoying and dorky enough.....let's put on a turd brown billboard...GET ON THE FREAKIN SIDEWALK
  16. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    They don't have your size.

  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I always tell them to get OFF the freakin sidewalk. Lost track of how many near misses I have had with cyclists and skateboarders on the sidewalk.
  18. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

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    Check your underwear lately?