Ups day at hershey park 2011

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  1. Thebrownstreak

    Thebrownstreak Active Member

    Just thought i'd post the info we got the other day

    This is from upsers. com

    Included in the ticket admission:
    • 110 acres of family fun
    • 11-acre Zoo America North American Wildlife Park
    • More than 60 rides including 10 roller coasters, and 26 kiddie rides
    • Hershey’s Chocolate World
    • Entertaining shows
    • Free Parking
    Check the UPS Employee Discount Page for discounted rates on car rentals and accommodations.
    Note from Cheryl: This post text contained text copied directly from so I had to edit most of it out.

    Seems like a great deal, $20 for the day. Send me a pm and I'll forward you the unedited version of the post which includes the promo codes.

    Thank you to Thebrownstreak for sharing this info.
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  2. Thebrownstreak

    Thebrownstreak Active Member

    Tickets are $20 online
  3. chev

    chev Nightcrawler

    Can someone please pm me a link to the tickets. I found the company discount page but nothing about the ups day in October.
  4. mousemedic01

    mousemedic01 New Member

    Can't find the promo code. Can anyone help?
  5. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    No promo code. Park is closed that day for UPS employee's only. Tickets can be ordered thru UPS employee web site using UPS employee ID number.
  6. scorp68

    scorp68 New Member

    When is it and I don't see it on upsers, any help would be be great.
  7. makmak1

    makmak1 New Member

    Having trouble finding it on i saw it last week and now nothing. Would like to order tickets, Can you send link. Thanks for any help..

  8. makmak1

    makmak1 New Member

    Help...can't find the link to order tickets. I have the promo code but can't find the link on anymore....
  9. makmak1

    makmak1 New Member

    promo code is 37915. i can't find the link to order the tickets anymore. please let me know if you have any luck. tks..
  10. makmak1

    makmak1 New Member

    promo code 37915.
  11. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Dude, we all got your message the first 3 times you posted. They may not be taking orders on tickets anymore. There is usually a "order by" date on the HP tickets. Sounds like you shouldn't have screwed around when it came to buying your tickets since it was probably taken down off the site.
  12. isguy

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    The nice thing about this year is that you can order the tickets for the park up to and including the day of the event, so weather is no longer a concern about getting rained out the day of the event after buying your tickets in advance. I just checked, you can still get to the on line order site through However, it wasn't obvious how to get to the link. The easiest way may be to login to, and type hershey in the search field. It should return a result which will allow you to click on the hyperlink "UPS Day at Hershey Park on Sunday, October 2, 2011". Enter the promo code and you'll be in. I know they are currently allowing orders for both the park ticket and the catered meal, but I believe the catered meal tickets will not be available past a certain point in the near future. I didn't post the promo code, as I wasn't sure if that would violate TOS.
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  13. Thebrownstreak

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    This is a lil bit off subject but Hershey park is currently experiencing major flooding. The zoo was hit hardest and some of the animals died. I am planning on visiting HP website in the next few weeks for updates to see if and when the park will reopen
  14. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    2 bison were euthanized.